Alec Baldwin faces new lawsuit after Hutchins’ death

The actor is again facing legal proceedings, and this time a lawsuit against Alec was filed by the family of a military man who died in Afghanistan.

Alec Baldwin is now in every possible way to resist the negative in his address from the public, which he stated in one of his videos on social networks and noted that he would not allow himself to be broken.

However, the new blow came with a new libel lawsuit against the actor asking for $25 million in damages.

The lawsuit comes from the family of 20 y.o. Marine Rylee McCollum died in Afghanistan last year.

According to PEOPLE, Rylee’s relatives filed a lawsuit against Baldwin of accusing them of participating in the riots in Washington, which took place in 2021, during the protests, a crowd of people supported Donald Trump and broke into the Capitol.

Prior to these events, Baldwin met Rylee’s sister through social networks and offered her help after the death of her brother. The actor transferred $5,000 for McCollum’s widow and his child.

But some time later, the actor published a photo of a woman at the Washington Monument, taken on the day of the protests, on his page and wrote a rather tough post where he called the sister of the deceased man a rebel.

His post stirred up the public and McCollum’s family began to receive threats from Trump’s supporters.

And although Baldwin eventually deleted the publication, the soldier’s family went through stress and decided to sue the star.

In that lawsuit, a woman stated that she attended a rally near the walls of the government but was not a participant, and her words were confirmed by the FBI, who investigated and interrogated the marine’s sister.

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