Alex Rodriguez sold the house, which he put up for sale immediately after the split with J.Lo

It’s no secret that the reunion of J.Lo and Ben Affleck was one of the most high-profile news in the past 2021.

However, it was preceded by an equally unexpected separation after a two-year engagement, the singer split to American baseball player and coach Alex Rodriguez.

Their wedding was postponed several times due to the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic, and after a number of quarrels, it was canceled at all.

And recently it became known that Alex Rodriguez sold his mansion in Miami, and he put the house up for sale only a few weeks after the purchase, just almost immediately after the official announcement of the breakup with Lopez was released.

Alex completed the deal to buy the house on April 9, 2021, paying $ 5.5 million for it. On 15 April, it became known about the split with J.Lo and on April 26, he had already put up the property for sale.

As a result, the deal was finalized on December 6 and the new owner paid $ 6.3 million for the mansion.

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Source: New York Post

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