Amber Heard Movies List: 11 of Her Best Movies of All Time

Amber Heard movies have ranged from box office hits to critically panned films. Her offscreen activities may not be pleasing but the actress has starred in about 50 movies which is a testament to her versatility and appeal. She’s proven her versatility by starring in different genres of films including comedy, action, drama, adventure, and fantasy; the 36-year-old has seen it all in her acting career. Here is a list of the best movies she’s ever acted in.

Friday Night Lights (2004)

Friday Night Lights with Amber Heard
Friday Night Lights with Amber Heard

Amber Laura Heard appeared on the Hollywood scene with a bang when she made her debut in the Peter Berg directed-film, Friday Night Lights. The movie which features Billy Bob Thornton, Tim McGraw, and Lucas Black tells the story of a small high school football team, Permian High Panthers, that overcame all odds to challenge the heavyweights for the state championship. Amber Heard plays the role of Maria, the girlfriend of Panthers football player, Donny Billingsley.

The movie garnered over $60 million at the Box office on a budget of $30 million. It won the Best Sports Movies ESPY Award and came 37th on the list of Best High School Movies compiled by Entertainment Weekly.

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane with Amber Heard
All The Boys Love Mandy Lane with Amber Heard

After getting minor roles in movies such as Dropped Dead Sexy and North Country, Amber Heard finally landed her first leading role in the horror film All The Boys Love Mandy Lane. The plot of the movie involves a group of teenagers who decide to spend the weekend at a private ranch with the attractive Mandy Lane, played by Amber Laura Heard.

The movie was another box office hit recording $1.89 million over a budget of $700,000. However, distribution problems forced the film to be released in 2008, though it was shot in 2006. The film received mixed reviews averaging 50% on most movie review sites. However, it helped catapult the budding star into the limelight.

Pineapple Express (2008)

Pineapple Express with Amber Heard
Pineapple Express with Amber Heard

Amber received mainstream recognition when she starred in the comedy drama movie, Pineapple Express, produced by Judd Apatow. She played the love interest of the main character Dale Denton, played by Seth Rogen. The movie went on to gross over $100 million worldwide on a budget of $26 million. Gradually, Amber’s star began to shine and major Hollywood studios started taking note of the budding talent.

The movie received positive reactions with many praising its funny storyline and excellent direction. With an aggregate score of 68%, Pineapple Express is one of the funniest stoner comedy movies out there.

The Joneses (2009)

The Joneses with Amber Heard
The Joneses with Amber Heard

Later in 2008, Amber Heard appeared in another comedy drama movie, The Joneses, which chronicles the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Jones pretending to be what they are not. Amber Heard starred as Jenn Jones, the hypersexual daughter of Kate and Steve Jones. Heard’s performance earned her praise from several critics with Variety magazine claiming that Heard stole the show from Demi Moore, who played Mrs. Kate Jones.

Now, a star was born and every major movie studio in Hollywood began to notice her talent.

The Ward (2009)

The Ward with Amber Heard
The Ward with Amber Heard

In 2009, Amber Heard starred in John Carpenter’s The Ward where she played Kristen, a lady who was incarcerated in a psychiatric ward for setting fire to a house. Kristen doesn’t remember anything but she insists that she hasn’t gone nuts. She notices that her inmates are getting missing and she suspects a supernatural cause.

The film happens to be the last John Carpenter directed movie as the veteran is yet to take on other movie projects.

Zombieland (2010)

Zombieland with Amber Heard
Zombieland with Amber Heard

The same year the actress landed one of the supporting roles in the Ruben Fleischer-directed apocalyptic movie, Zombieland. The film tells the story of a geeky college student who is seeking asylum from zombies. Amber played the character of 406, a neighbor-turned zombie of the college student who he eventually kills. Zombieland starred notable stars like Woody Harrelson, Emma Watson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Abigail Breslin.

The movie received generally positive reviews with most critics lauding its funny tone. Movie review sites gave it an average score of 7.2 out of 10 stars as a testament to its ingenuity. On the opening weekend of its release, the movie raked in over $24 million and subsequently brought in over $102 million over a $23 million budget.

The Rum Diary (2011)

Rum Dairy with Amber Heard
Rum Dairy with Amber Heard

The Rum Diary brought Amber Heard and her now estranged husband, Johnny Depp, together for the first time as they co-starred in the 2011 comedy drama movie. The movie was based on the Hunter S. Thompson 1998 novel of the same title. The plot revolves around the life of a struggling writer, John Kemp (Johnny Depp), who gets hired by a newspaper in Puerto Rico.

Amber Heard played the role of Chenault, the girlfriend of PR consultant Hal Sanderson, who offers John Kemp a side business offer. Though the movie received mixed reviews, it performed poorly at the Box Office bringing in $30 million on a $45 million budget.

3 Days To Kill (2014)

3 days to kill with Amber Heard
3 Days to Kill with Amber Heard

The movie 3 Days to kill tells the story of a covert CIA operative, Ethan Renner, who is suffering from terminal cancer and wants to unite with his family before he passes. Agent Vivi Delay, played by Amber Heard, offers to help him live longer only if he agrees to undertake one more mission.

The movie performed well at the Box Office pulling in over $52 million against a budget of $28 million. The film received generally negative reviews with some critics calling it “pitiful”. It garnered an aggregate score of 4.6/10.

The Danish Girl (2015)

The Danish Girl with Amber Heard
The Danish Girl with Amber Heard

The daughter of David Clinton Heard appeared in the 2015 biographical drama, The Danish Girl, directed by Tom Hooper. Heard played Ulla Paulson, the girl who helped the main character, Einar Wegener, to come out of the closet as the Danish girl, Lili Elbe. The movie was praised for its gripping storyline and excellent cast performances.

The movie website FilmDebate labeled it the most important movie of 2015 and it had a modest Box Office success bringing in $64 million on a $15 million budget.

Aquaman (2018)

Aquaman with Amber Heard
Aquaman with Amber Heard

However, the movie Amber is best known for is Aquaman where she played Mera, the love interest of Jason Momoa’s character. Directed by James Wan Genres, the movie follows the adventures of Arthur, who must prevent a war that his half brother Orm is trying to brew between those living on the land and the inhabitants of the sea. Heard’s character, Mera, helps Arthur to locate the Trident of Atlan and to reclaim the throne.

During the court case between Amber Heard and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, it was revealed that Heard received $1 million for her role as Mera. The film went on to become one of the highest-grossing movies of all time with a revenue of over $1 billion on a $200 million budget.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)

Zack Snyder's Justice League with Amber Heard
Zack Snyder’s Justice League with Amber Heard

In 2017, Amber Heard was recruited by the DC Extended Universe to play the super hero character Mera in their movie franchise. Amber appeared in movies such as Justice League, Aquaman, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League – a 2021 remake of Joss Whedon’s 2017 film. Zack Snyder’s Justice League is one of the DCEU highest-grossing and critically acclaimed films.

The film received an average rating of 8.1 out of 10 and has won a couple of accolades including Best Streaming Movie at the 2022 North American Film Critics Accolades.

Other Honorable Mentions

Other noteworthy Amber Heard movies include

  • Gully
  • Drive Angry
  • Soon the Darkness
  • Adderall Diaries
  • Alpha Dog

Despite her legal troubles and fans’ agitation to have the actress removed from the Aquaman movie series, the actress is set to star in the second installment of Aquaman which is slated for 2023.

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