American Horror Story Seasons to star Kaia Gerber

While the older generations had Cindy Crawford, the latest generation has her daughter Kaia Geber. With increasingly similar looks and an equally similar career, Kaia Gerber has successfully stepped out of her mother’s shadow and built a name for herself.

From modelling to virtual book clubs, Kaia Gerber is doing it all. The 19-year-old model and actor have been in the spotlight from the day she was born, but she’s learned the art of making it her own. Having been signed to an agency at the tender age of 13, Kaia has walked the runway for big names like Marc Jacobs and Fendi.

Model of the Year

Apart from the runway, the multi-talented star recently was on the cover of Vogue and won the coveted ‘Model of the Year‘ honour at the 2018 Fashion Awards. Even more recently, Kaia Gerber landed a role in Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story.

Much like Kaia herself, American Horror Story is a show renowned for its incredible themes, storylines, and star-studded casts. With regulars like Sarah Paulson and Evan Peterson on previous American Horror Story seasons, it’ll be incredible to see Kaia Gerber alongside.

American Horror Story Seasons 10

The show is on its tenth season, focusing on two storylines – one by the sea and one by the sand. While Ryan Murphy remains tightlipped about the plot, there is also no news about Kaia Gerber’s role on the show. After announcing the star’s involvement in the upcoming American Horror Story seasons, Ryan Murphy has gone back to leaking no details.

Previous American Horror Story seasons have all been mini-shows on their own. They go through an incredibly written storyline that ends along with the season, only to refresh. The storyline, cast, production, or pure horror of it, American Horror Story seasons is incredibly successful.

The show gained a cult following that hangs on every episode and season of the anthological show. After a long break, season ten of the coveted show is said to premiere in 2021; however, no official release date has been specified.

In the meantime, Kaia Gerber has been living her healthiest life. Recently, the model and actress spotted after a Pilates class saying goodbye to a female friend. While she didn’t answer any questions about the new American Horror Story seasons to come, she looked decidedly content.

Gossip Bae Youtube

While the show’s filming was pushed back due to the pandemic, it seems like Kaia’s getting on with it. Check out our latest video! With the show to premiere in 2021, American Horror Story fans are eager to see what the new season and Kaia’s role will be!

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