Ben Affleck response to the JLo rumours

The Justice League superstar Ben Affleck has been in the spotlight of the Hollywood gossip scene for some weeks. The famous film director and actor has been regularly making the news ever since the rumors of a possible reunion with ben Affleck and JLo. The two have been on friendly terms ever since their split in January 2004 and have only had nice things to say about each other.

Ben Affleck had some nice things to say about J. Lo’s hardworking personality and youthful looks in InStyle’s May 2021 cover story. These kind words didn’t go unnoticed by fans who started speculating if the couple had reunited.

On April 30th, the couple took the internet by storm. Page Six released pictures hinting the two are still regularly seeing each other. According to the photos and sources, Ben Affleck and JLo seen travelling a white Escalade SUV to her home in California. After Jennifer’s split with the former baseball star Alex Rodriguez rumored to turn to Ben Affleck for support. Ben Affleck and J. Lo first caught the media’s attention when they started dating back in 2002. Even though the relationship came to an unfortunate end in early 2004, the two superstars are known to stay close friends.

In a recent video available on Gossip Bae, Ben Affleck was seen returning from his son Sameul’s swimming lessons. Previously, Ben Affleck was also seen catching up with ex-spouse Jennifer Garner who joined the father and son. Ben and Jennifer have been co-parenting to support their son during his swimming lessons and seem to be on good terms. This meeting took place on Saturday, just a few days after the J. Lo rumors.

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When returning to his car with his son Ben can be seen wearing a black sweater with rolled-up sleeves and carrying his son’s bulky backpack. His casual, muted clothing and quarantine hairstyle further reinforce the fatherly persona.

When confronted about the J. Lo rumors, Affleck decided to stay quiet, minding his own business.

The photographer asked Ben, “Hey Ben! Are the rumors about J. Lo true?”

Ben pays no heed to the question and carries on with his business. Ben then proceeds to spill the remains of what seems to be a lemony drink at the photographer just before entering his car. Whether this was an act of aggression or a response to the question, only time can tell.

The couple had a good run when they first started dating in 2002 after connecting on the set of the movie Gigli in which they played the main characters. Despite the film’s failure at the box office, the couple fell in love off-screen. After getting a divorce from her second husband, Cris Judd, the two went public with their relationship. The two were set for marriage when Ben proposed to her with a 6-carat pink diamond ring. However, the couple called off the wedding just a few days before. The two officially announced their breakup in 2004 and ended on respectful terms.

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