Beyonce congratulated Kim Kardashian on her birthday, once again refuting the rumors of their feud

Beyonce has once again denied the negative rumors surrounding her and Kim by congratulating the KUWTK star on Kim’s 41st birthday!

However, while Kim and Beyonce have dispelled speculation of a feud many times, followers still think there is “negative tension” between the stars.

On October 21, Kim Kardashian turned 41 years old, and she received a huge number of birthday wishes from relatives, fans, celebrity friends on her social media accounts.

And Beyonce was no exception. She went to her website to send a special message to the reality TV star.


For several years, rumors circulated that Kim and Beyonce were feuding over Beyonce’s husband, JAY-Z, after a spat with Kanye West. When Beyoncé and JAY-Z skipped Kim and Kanye’s wedding in 2014, it was clear there was a hint of an altercation between the celebrity couples.

Although a lot has changed since then. Not long ago, Kardashian showed off a gift box from the “Ivy Park” collection that she received from Beyoncé in January 2020 when the singer was promoting her collection.

Kim has had quite a tumultuous year celebrating her 41st birthday, the beginning of her divorce from Kanye in February, the engagement of her sister Kourtney Kardashian, and the pregnancy of her little sister, Kylie Jenner, who is currently expecting her second child.

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