Beyoncé finally has an official TikTok account and fans are guessing for what purpose!

Beyoncé has created an account in Tiktok, which has already been subscribed to by over 706K people.

At the moment, there are no posts in the account, despite the growing number of subscribers every hour.

In their speculation, the singer’s fans expressed hope that the 40-year-old star will use the popular social network to promote her new music album. Perhaps the singer needs an account in Tiktok to attract a new audience.

Beyonce Instagram
@beyonce Instagram

The pop icon did not make any statements about the upcoming releases, and her last solo album, Lemonade, was released back in 2016.

Although, recently, world stars have been increasingly active in social networks. So, for example, in November 2021, Lady Gaga created an account in Tiktok, which already has 5.6M subscribers at the moment.

She used her account mainly for advertising the film “House of Gucci”, where she took one of the main roles, namely, Maurizio Gucci’s wife, Patrizia Reggiani.

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