Billie Eilish Urged Her Followers to Change Traditions and Stop Eating “The Most Gentle Creatures” on Thanksgiving

Popular singer-songwriter Billie Eilish has urged subscribers not to eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

Billie reached out to her Instagram Stories followers on the holiday. The singer posted a photo on her socials where she is holding a turkey in her hands and signed with touching words.

Turkeys are some of the most gentle creatures in the world. And 46 million of them are killed every thanksgiving. I know it’s hard to change traditions but just keep it in mind

Billie Eilish urged her followers to change traditions
@billieeilish/ Instagram

This appeal of the idol of many young people is not accidental. The fact is that the singer is a vegetarian. Rumor has it that the singer’s rider should have refried beans and gluten-free tortillas.

According to her, she decided on such a diet when she learned about the production standards in the meat and dairy industry, namely ethical ones.

At the same time, Billie said that she does not impose her vegetarian lifestyle on other people.

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