Brands Refuse to Cooperate with Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner After the Tragedy at Astroworld

Popular rapper Travis Scott and KUWTK star Kylie Jenner were removed from the cover of W Magazine following the tragedy at Astroworld.

It is clarified that the cover of the magazine was prepared before the tragic concert. W Magazine also planned to print interviews with the couple, but editors are now concerned about criticism of Scott and Jenner. They have already refused to publish interviews on the site, and now they are trying to stop the publication of the magazine itself. Journalists believe after that what was happened, such a publication would be inappropriate.

However, this is not the only case of refusal. Nike has previously postponed its collaboration with Travis Scott.
The joint sneaker collection was scheduled to release on November 16 and was pushed back indefinitely. In addition, the PlayStation 5 promo video featuring the rapper has been removed from the game console’s blog. Fortnite also lost Scott’s signature “emote” with a snippet of his song Out West.

Recall that on November 5, at the Astroworld festival in Houston, during Travis Scott’s performance, there was a tragic crowd of spectators. It lasted about half an hour, during which time more than 300 people were injured, including fatalities.

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Source: Page Six

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