British Tabloid Publicly Apologized to Meghan Markle for Publishing the Words of Her Personal Letter to Her Father

In his recent issue of The Mail on Sunday, apologized to Meghan Markle for publishing a text of her personal letter to her father Thomas Markle.

“Following a hearing on 19-20 January, 2021, and a further hearing on 5 May, 2021, the Court has given judgment for the Duchess of Sussex on her claim for copyright infringement,” the statement said. “The Court found that Associated Newspapers infringed her copyright by publishing extracts of her handwritten letters to her father in the Mail on Sunday and on Mail Online. Financial remedies have been agreed.”

Also, apart from the apology, the publisher Associated Newspapers Limited will have to pay monetary compensation to Meghan.

On Twitter, the hashtag #MeghanMarkleWon is already gaining popularity in this regard – Meghan’s fans congratulate her on her victory.

However, not all fans of the Duchess are happy with the publication of the apology and note that the font of the message was too small and that the newspaper deliberately made a statement on December 26, the day after Christmas, when people pay little attention to reading the news.

The story began three years ago when Meghan Markle sued the British tabloids The Mail on Sunday and MailOnline for publishing her letter to her father Thomas Markle.

In this letter, Meghan tried to improve relations with her father, who was not present at her daughter’s wedding and asked him to stop talking to the press and say negative things about her.

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Source: Buzzfeednews

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