Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz Starred On the VOGUE Cover and Revealed Their Joint Dreams

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz, who are now in the spotlight due to rumors about the discord with Victoria Beckham, starred for the Hong Kong Vogue September Issue and gave interviews.

The star couple talked about their desire to have children, joint plans for the future, and the timeline of their relationship.

Big Family

In an interview, Brooklyn also mentioned his parents and gave characteristics to his brothers and sister.

Both Brooklyn and Nicola grew up in big families, so they want to continue this tradition.

“My mom is my biggest idol and my best friend. I can’t wait to be a mom one day. I hope that I am just like her. “ – Pelts admitted.

“Yes, I would love as many kids as possible, but it is really up to Nicola.”– Brooklyn said.

Brooklyn was asked to describe his family members, and contrary to rumors about the conflict with his own family because of Nicola, he admitted that he “loves to spend time with them together.”

“Harper is the loudest, Cruz is the funniest and Romeo is the most energetic… I love cooking and watching football with my dad.”– he answered.

Recall that in the media there were discussions about the alleged conflict between Nicola and Victoria Beckham. Allegedly, the reason was that Nicola did not choose Victoria’s brand for her wedding dress. Brooklyn, according to rumors, sided with his wife and this summer even missed a traditional family vacation.

Joint Dreams and Plans

Nicola and Brooklyn were asked by  Vogue about their joint dreams and plans.

“Going to the Met together, not once but now twice was definitely on our bucket list…Shooting our first campaign together was also on our bucket list.” – Nicola answered.

As for personal plans, Brooklyn Beckham has been in an active search for himself in recent years. Earlier, he was fond of photography, and at the end of last year, he even launched his cooking show: “I really fell in love with cooking in quarantine…I would love to have my own restaurant at some point. I am thinking a real British Pub in LA. “

Brooklyn Beckham cooking show

The billionaire’s daughter also tries herself in different qualities: since childhood, she starred in a movie, and then she began a modeling career. Now Nicola is focused on the acting profession and recently completed the shooting in the Hulu Mini-series “Immigrant”.

Love birds also spoke about their relationships for the interview. Nicola said that she admired Brooklyn’s “kindness, his heart, and his sensitivity.” And Brooklyn just said “She is perfect in every way” about his wife.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz
Photo: Backgrid

They got married in April 2022. After the wedding, Brooklyn also took his wife’s last name as the second. Many people considered that he did it in the fight against sexism.

Nicola did not comment on the alleged conflict with the Brooklyn family, but in a recent interview, she hinted that the reason for the gossip could be the fact that she chose Valentino’s dress for a wedding instead of a Victoria Beckham brand dress. According to insiders, this statement was a shock for Victoria and David Beckham.

Source: Vogue

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