Cardi B joins Offset at His 30th Loud Birthday Party and Presents Him With a $2 MILLION Check and Amuse Guests with a Shower of Cash!

On December 14, Offset turned 30. And last night he also became $2 million richer!

On Tuesday, Cardi B and Offset walked hand in hand at the Sneaker Ball in Los Angeles, where Cardi B presented him with a huge check at his birthday party.

Cardi B sported her kits in a green corset and tight black leggings, and a pointed pair of bright green stilettos.

Recently, the star was appointed creative director of Playboy magazine, so in her plunging neckline, we see a luxurious necklace with a shining legendary hare!

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Her husband Offset wears a light blue Louis Vuitton jacket paired with frayed jeans and gray trainers.

The party sparked that night and was filled with tossing cash, spilling alcohol, and lots of twerks.

While on the star stage, Cardi B grabbed the microphone to announce her impressive gift and presented a huge check of $ 2 million as seed money for some of his close-ups in 2022.

Well, the couple like to give each other luxurious gifts! Recall that on her last birthday Cardi B got a gorgeous house as a gift from her husband!

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Also, the couple made it rain from 100K dollar bills which they threw out over the crowd of guests!

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