Cardi B Wins Lawsuit Against a Blogger Who Made Her Want to Commit Suicide

Cardi B (Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar) won a lawsuit against blogger Latasha Kebe who slandered her.

Kebe, better known as Tasha K, said in her videos that Cardi B worked as a prostitute, suffered from sexually transmitted diseases, and used drugs.

Kebe published such kind of a video in 2018, after which Cardi B contacted her and asked to remove the video, but Kebe refused. After that, the singer decided to sue her.

According to TMZ, the court recognized Kebe’s statements as slander and ordered her to pay the singer $ 1.25 million for moral damages.

During the trial, Cardi B said that because of these publications, her relationship with her husband and daughter deteriorated, she felt depressed and even began to think about suicide.

Cardi B tweeted after her victory in court.

“Why am I happy, but sad at the same time?”

Cardi B

In response to her tweet, she received support from fans.

“She treated you so miserably & you tried to tell her to stop & she didn’t listen. That’s her fault, that’s her decision. She lost this case because she didn’t think, your such a humble person with such a big heart.
— Take it easy babes and enjoy this win because you deserve “

Cardi B wins lawsuit

“Because you just won the case, you are fortunate in that you have financial security. Two beautiful children, a baby daddy that is present. All things to be happy about. However..”

Cardi B wins lawsuit

However, Tasha K also tried to sue the star. She stated that after the video was published, Cardi B fans began to pursue her, but she could not prove this, and the lawsuit was dismissed.

Tasha K
@unwinewithtashak Instagram

“My Husband, Attorney’s, & I fought really hard. I want to thank them for their long hours and sleepless nights. Winos it’s only up from here. See y’all in a few days.Clinking glassesFolded hands Back to work.”

Cardi B wins lawsuit

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