New couple alert! Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz have been spotted spending time together in NY

Did someone say there is a new hot couple in Hollywood? Seems most like it! Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz spark dating rumors as the two have been spotted spending time together in NY.

The rumored new couple were seen enjoying a lovely stroll through New York City, with Kravitz also wrapping her arms around Channing Tatum while taking a bike ride.

The pair were first linked together after the publications of them working together on the upcoming film “Pussy Island”, in which Channing Tatum will star as a tech and Zoe will have her first directing debate.

Tatum did an interview about the upcoming film “Pussy Island” with ‘Deadline’, where he spoke about how he got involved in the film and how he met his rumored new girlfriend.

He said :“When Zoe called me about this, I was shocked. I didn’t know her. I’d watched her in movies, knew she produced ‘High Fidelity’ and had seen that, but I didn’t know she was creating a level like this, where she wanted to direct. This came out of nowhere and the subject matter made me say, wait, why are you thinking about me for this? No one gives me a chance to play a role like this, everybody throws me down a different alley and expects me to do a certain thing. It was scary and liberating, just to be able to have a free conversation, where I was allowed to mess up and say the wrong things.”

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