Conor McGregor talks about VMAs altercation with MGK, recovery, and more

Conor McGregor is out in New York City and the UFC star gives us insight on the red carpet altercation he had with Machine Gun Kelly at the MTV VMAs. Conor, claims he “feels good” during his road to recovery after suffering a broken leg injury at his last fight in the ring.

When we talked to the UFC star about his recent debacle with MGK at the VMAs, Conor says he feels “free” in New York City and it’s “all love.” McGregor then extends an invite to MGK and denies any beef claiming, “I don’t know him, who is he?… Megan’s been at the fights years so I know Megan…I don’t know the guy, there’s no problem, come to the fights.” 

Conor then touches on Justin Bieber winning a VMA award and a possible acting career.

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