Courteney Cox Opens Up About Cosmetic Injection Addiction ‘That’s just crazy’

Courteney Cox gave an interview to Sunday Times Style where she admitted that she was addicted to Botox injections and fillers.

Courteney Cox gave an interview
The Sunday Times

The actress said she was obsessed with battling aging and didn’t understand what it looked like.

“There was a time when you go, ‘Oh, I’m changing. I’m looking older.’ And I tried to chase that [youthfulness] for years,”.

“‘And I didn’t realise that, ‘Oh s**t, I’m actually looking really strange with injections and doing stuff to my face that I would never do now’.”

The “Friends” star abused Botox injections and fillers and later decided on plastic surgery. After such beauty manipulations, the actress became unrecognizable and even faced criticism from fans, and began to receive refusals in roles.

“But there was a period where I went, ‘I’ve got to stop. That’s just crazy.’”

In an interview, she admitted that she had long ago given up injections, and now the star feels great.

According to Cox, she still pays a lot of attention to her appearance, but now, she is trying to “age gracefully” and focuses on skincare products.

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Source: The Sunday Times Style

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