Drake’s Babies Momma: How Sophie Brussaux Became Drake’s Baby Mama?

Though Drake is a public figure, his life is much more private as he gives little away as to who he is dating or hooking up with. So it became a bit of a shock when some few years ago, fans got wind of his relationship with a certain Sophie Brussaux.

Initially, there were some denials from the camp of the In My Feelings crooner, but Drake finally admitted he had a fling with Sophie Brussaux and the internet could not stop wondering who this woman was and what she did.

Sophie Brussaux
Sophie Brussaux/ Instagram

How Fans Came to Know About Sophie Brussaux

The rapper’s fans first got a hint of Sophie Brussaux during the height of the heated beef between Drake and Pusha T when the latter referenced Drake’s son on his diss track ‘The Story of Adidon’.

On the track Pusha T rapped, “Sophie knows better, ask your baby mother,” and “A baby’s involved, it’s deeper than rap…Adonis is your son…Love that baby, respect that girl.”

Drake also gave a hint in his song When to Say When after he rapped, “Baby mama fluke, but I love her for who she is.”

This led to a barrage of search activities on the internet to establish the identity of Sophie Brussaux and her son Adonis Graham.

How Drake Met His Baby Mama

The rapper met Sophie Brussaux in January 2017 as paparazzi captured the couple at a restaurant in Amsterdam during Drake’s Boy Meet the World Tour. The pair were seen in the company of some friends as they enjoyed some oriental delicacies at a Japanese restaurant.

Sophie’s Pregnancy And the Outrage that Followed

Preagnant Sophie Brussaux
Sophie Brussaux/ Instagram

Soon, Sophie became pregnant and informed the God’s Plan rapper who allegedly asked her to get an abortion. Sophie decided to keep the pregnancy and rather reached out to TMZ detailing how Drake was threatening her to abort the pregnancy.

She supported her accusations with screenshots of alleged text messages from the rapper. When Drake was contacted for his side of the story, a spokesperson from his camp said, “This woman has a very questionable background. She has admitted to having multiple relationships…she’s one of many women claiming he got them pregnant. If it is, in fact, Drake’s child, which he does not believe, he would do the right thing by the child.”

Sophie Brussaux Gives Birth

Nine months after the couple met, Sophie Brussaux gave birth to a baby boy whom the couple named Adonis Graham on 24th October 2017 which coincidentally was the same as Drake’s birthday. Days before the birth of Adonis, Sophie took to Instagram to post a picture of her protruding belly and baby shower photos.

Many of Drake’s fans moved to Sophie’s Instagram comments sections and dropped a lot of hateful comments targeted at her, forcing Sophie to block any comments that mentioned the word, Drake.

Who is Sophie Brussaux?

Drake’s baby mama is a French woman born in Paris, the capital city of France. According to her website, she is a visual artist who has won multiple local and international awards. Among her goals is her desire to use the arts to make the world a better place.

She Has Always Loved Art

In an interview with Forbes, Sophie opined that art had always been a part of her upbringing. She said, “Ever since I was a little kid I was an artist. My mom made me try all types of art – dancing, playing music, and a whole lot of things until I found what I truly love a few years ago.” 

Sophie Brussaux is an alum of the Bordeaux International School where she holds degrees in Wealth Management and International Affairs.

Though she loved art, Sophie did not immediately succeed at it, thus she had to try her hands at several jobs. One of the jobs she did was acting where she worked on a reality TV show titled Real Mistresses of Atlanta. She went by the name Rosee Divine and was supposed to date a wealthy celebrity.

Some of the cast of the show included Mary Jane and Maliah Michel, who, once upon a time, dated the singer, Sean Kingston, and Drake at different times. Unfortunately, the show did not see the light of day as no major network was willing to pick it up and produce it.

Sophie Brussaux Worked As a Model

Once the show flopped, Sophie took to modeling where she was featured in magazines such as WorldStarHipHop. She also worked as a video vixen in Gucci Mane’s music video Me and Thank You by Busta Rhymes. Soon, the French woman’s curvy body and full back became the talk of town and gigs came in fast and thick.

When the French model was interviewed by ShyGirl Magazine on how she became famous, she ascribed it to her curvaceous body and tiny waist. She also said that being from Europe gave her an extra edge over her competition.

She Had A Stint With the Adult Film Industry

Though what she did was not strictly porn, a quick search on the internet revealed that Sophie Brussaux shot some nude and stripping scenes for an adult film company. When fans got a hint that the French artist had worked in the adult film, the search for her name and pseudonym Rosee Divine surged.

However, many were disappointed as her few videos on the internet did not meet their expectations.

Sophie Brussaux and the Plastic Surgery Rumors

Once people started admiring the French artist for her beautiful curves, rumors of her undergoing plastic surgery to enhance her features hit the internet. However, the height of the plastic surgery rumors was when Sophie uploaded a picture of herself featuring her new blonde hair.

Fans thought her nose looked slightly different leading one user to ask whether the French beauty got her nose done. Another also stated, “Looks like she had her nose done“. However, the elegant French model has refused to respond to any of the plastic surgery rumors.

Sophie’s Social Media Handles

The Instagram handle of the French artist is @sophieknowsbetter where you can find pictures of her and her son Adonis. To browse through pictures of her artwork, then @sophieknowsart should be your point of call.

On Twitter, the model goes by the name @sophiebrussaux where her bio reads, “Artiste peintre, co founder & Chief Visionary Officer of @artshelpnet.

So, there you have it. That’s all we could glean on the internet about Drake’s baby momma.

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