Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Thanked the Veteran of the United States Navy and Presented Him Own Ford Truck

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson wished the veteran of the United States Navy a Merry Christmas and presented him with a Ford truck.

“The Rock” posted a video on his Twitter in which he arranged a surprise for his fans, one of whom was especially lucky.

The actor visited one of the cinemas, where the audience watched the movie “Red Notice”, where Dwayne Johnson starred together with Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds.

“The Rock” came out to the center of the hall right after the end of the film and greeted all the spectators, which caused delight in the hall.

Then the actor called on the stage Oscar Rodriguez, who was in for a special surprise!

He took Rodriguez to the car and asked him to read a note that was lying in the front seat.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

“Thank you for your service, brother. Enjoy your new truck”

Out of surprise, Oscar sat down on the pavement and began to cry. Then he hugged Johnson and got behind the wheel of the car, continuing to thank the actor for the gift.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Dwayne admitted that he was touched by the story of Oscar, who is a veteran of the United States Navy and now works as a personal trainer. Dwayne Johnson also revealed that Rodriguez volunteers to help women survivors of domestic violence attends church and cares for his 75 y.o. mother.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

After the story “The Rock”, all the spectators, together with him and Oscar, went out into the street, where a grandiose gift was waiting for the guy.

The actor gave him his own car, which caused very strong emotions in his fan.

In a commentary on his Twitter post, Dwayne Johnson noted that Oscar Rodriguez deserves much more than just his car for his work.

He deserves a lot more than my personal truck.
Kindness matters to me, so thanks @ORodri240 for being so kind to so many people.
You said it right, just before you drove away ~ it’s just love. That’s all it is, brother.
Just love.

Enjoy your new truck dude

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