Erika Koike: the Fourth Wife and Four-Day Marriage of Nicolas Cage

Erika Koike is most famous as the ex-wife of actor Nicolas Cage. This epic marriage lasted almost … 4 days!

In March 2019, several media reported that Nicolas Cage applied for a marriage license. His chosen one was 35-year-old makeup artist Erika Koike.

Their divorce was scandalous! The media’s headlines about their breakup were full of details: alcohol intoxication, fraud, criminal records, and drug dealers …

Let’s all figure out why their marriage broke up so soon and find out more about the “four-day” Nicolas Cage’s wife Erika Koike.

What do we know about Nicolas Cage’s ex-wife Erika Koike?

Erika Koike has an Asian American ethnicity and she was born in 1984. Her name is listed as a professional makeup artist on IMDb with one credit listed for the movie Hankikanto (2012).

Well, it seems that it is little known about Erika, and her divorce from the Hollywood star was really a loud date!

It seems a woman wants to be in the shade since she does not have social networks and does not appear in a secular chronicle.

How long were Nicolas Cage and Erika Koike dating before the wedding?

Nicolas and Erika dated for over a year before getting married.

The couple tried to hide their relationship, but they still fell into the lenses of the paparazzi in April 2018 when they were resting in Puerto Rico together. During that time Nicolas starred in the movie “Primal” there. Also, they were captured together in May of the same year when they dined in Los Angeles.

Las Vegas wedding

The couple got married on March 23, 2019, after filing a marriage license. And their marriage certificate was ready on the same day!

However, a few hours after their wedding, the paparazzi noticed how the couple argued at the Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel, Nevada.

Less than a week, Nicolas Cage filed for an annulment.

According to eyewitnesses, on the day when the couple was tying the knot, Cage was drunk and pretty upset. He kept repeating that Erika’s ex-boyfriend is a drug dealer, and she wants only money. According to the sources, Koike looked embarrassed and tried to reassure Nicolas.

Cage and Koike divorce

A divorce was granted on May 31 for the couple, according to Clark County Nevada online records. This was the fourth marriage for Nicolas Cage.

In 1995, he married actress Patricia Arquette, with whom he lived for six years, and divorced in 2001.

Шт 2002 еhe second wife of Nicolas Cage became Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of the legendary Elvis Presley. Their divorce took place in 2004.

The marriage of Nicolas Cage and his third wife, Alice Kim, ended in 2016 after eleven years. By the way, the famous Hollywood actor met his third wife in one of the restaurants in Los Angeles-she worked as a waitress.

Erika Koike’s claims to her ex-husband Nicolas Cage

Erika was not going to let go of the Oscar-winning Nicolas so easily!

According to TMZ, Koike agreed that they are not suitable for marriage and should divorce, but she requires spousal support. The girl assured that she had lost the possibility of career growth during such a long relationship with Cage, and her reputation was completely undermined then. She also asked him to pay her legal costs.

Cage claimed that he “reacted impulsively.” Moreover, the Hollywood actor assures that he was too drunk, and does not remember anything. The actor accused her of self-interest and the fact that Keiko ex -boyfriend traded drugs.

According to insiders, Erika responded that the idea of ​​getting married belonged to Cage.

Comments of former spouses about the reasons for the divorce

In Cage’s statement, as the reason for the divorce, he indicated fraud like Koike allegedly hid the relationship with another man from him.

The actor claimed that at the time of his marriage registration with Erika he was very drunk and did not understand what he was doing.

Koike claims that the actor tried to make peace with her 12 days after filing a divorce, but she refused to continue relations with him.

At that time, when the couple had already broken up, the divorce was not yet officially confirmed, paparazzi captured Koike with another man, although the girl assured that she had no new boyfriend.

However, she admitted that she could do what she wants and that she and Cage are not going to reunite. Erika also added that her lawyer did not allow her to give comments until the point is put in the case.

And again Las Vegas wedding!

Last year, the famous Hollywood actor married a 26-year-old girlfriend Riko Shibata. For him, this marriage has already become the fifth.

Embed from Getty Images

The couple’s wedding took place on February 16 in one of the Las Vegas hotels.

For the celebration, Riko chose the handmade Japanese wedding kimono. The newlyweds exchanged traditional oaths in Catholic and Shinto customs. After the wedding, Riko took her husband’s last name.

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