Gary Busey Says He Never Groped Women at the Monster Mania Convention (VIDEO)

The 78-year-old actor Gary Busey is defiant DENYING sexual assault allegations.

I don’t carry regrets with me ever, nothing happened at Monster Mania It’s all false said Gary.

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Gary is pressed by the interviewer on the details and he says, “It took less than 10 seconds and they left.

Adding they “MADE UP THE STORY that I sexually assaulted them. I have eyewitnesses.”

Asked if there was any chance, he could have been “inappropriate”, but was unaware of his conduct, Gary flat out says, “NO.”

Gary Busey denies sexual allegations

Cherry Hill Police Department in New Jersey put out the following press release:

A California man is facing sexual offense charges stemming from incidents occurring at the annual Monster Mania Convention.

Hosted by the Doubletree Hotel in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

During the weekend of the event, August 12th-14th, 2022, Cherry Hill Police responded to the Doubletree Hotel, 2349 West Route 70, for the report of a sex offense.

On August 19th, 2022 as a result of the investigation, Cherry Hill Police Detectives charged Gary Busey, 78, of Malibu California, with the following offenses:

• 2 counts of Criminal Sexual Contact – 4th Degree

• 1 count of Criminal Attempt/ Criminal Sexual Contact – 4th Degree

• 1 count of Harassment – Disorderly person Offense

The investigation into this matter is ongoing.

Anyone with additional information is urged to contact Detective Robert Daniello of the Cherry Hill Police Department at (856) 432-8834.

Just one day after he was charged with the lewd acts, the actor sat on a bench in Malibu and pulled his pants down.

He then allegedly put one hand inside of underwear to check if anyone was watching.

Before committing these sexual gestures for about 30 minutes afterward smoking cigars constantly while doing so!

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