Gigi Hadid surprises with her flexibility by performing circus tricks for a new photoshoot

Who thought being a model was easy? Gigi Hadid shattered this belief!

The popular model, whose personal life was widely discussed because of the conflict between her mother and fiance, took part in a new shocking photoshoot.

During the photoshoot for V Magazine, Gigi surprised everyone with her acrobatic stunts, as the participants of the photo session told about.

@vmagazine: “It’s not every day that you get a super creative supermodel to grab onto a wooden bar, jump off a plank placed high in the sky, and swing freely through the air — but @GigiHadid is not your everyday model. And so, the fact that Hadid herself suggested trying the flying trapeze on a rooftop by Manhattan’s West Side Highway for the cover of V134 is perfectly fitting in its uniqueness and bravery “

Gigi Hadid
@gigihadid Instagram
@gigihadid Instagram

The model posed in outfits from the new collections of Burberry, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and Saint Laurent for the famous photographer Mario Sorrenti, who also commented on this photoshoot.

“I was like,‘ Oh my God, can she do it? It’s so dangerous. ’I’m always worried about (Gigi’s) safety first. And then I thought, ‘Well, she’s pretty badass, and she killed it when we did the jet ski, so let’s try it.’ ”

@gigihadid Instagram

Note that during an interview with V Magazine, Gigi did not mention the situation in her personal life, which is of interest to everyone.

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