Gigi Hadid’s comment under a post about Rihanna’s pregnancy caused a wave of bewilderment among fans

The announcement of Rihanna’s pregnancy was unexpected and highly talked about in the worldwide media. Since the publication of the pregnant Rihanna on the Internet, fans have been trying to find any details.

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The excitement around this topic was the comment of supermodel Gigi Hadid, which she left under the last photo of the singer.

Pregnant Rihanna
Pregnant Rihanna/ Instagram

Gigi wrote “😭🥺 three angels 💘” under a photo of the singer alone and posing with a rounded belly, and the fans decided that the model knows something more than everyone else.

Hundreds of comments from fans immediately poured in, in which most suggested that the singer was expecting twins.

@what that mean? She having twins?

@omg gigi, 3??????

@or 3 babies? 😍🔥❤️


@twins, one girl, one boy and mummy…😍 maybe, could be???

@Rihanna and her twins✌🏻

Gigi had to clarify the situation, and she wrote she called the three angels Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, and their baby.

Interesting that Rihanna did not comment on the misunderstanding.

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