Harry Joseph Letterman: All About The Young Son of David Letterman

There’s been growing interest in Harry Joseph Letterman since his father mentioned him in a video he did for the Rhode Island Hospital Emergency Department, thanking them for their help during his freak accident last August. Several tabloids reported that David Letterman and his son Harry were hiking in Providence when the incident occurred.

Though we are not sure of the exact role Harry played, we are told that he was with his father in the ambulance, probably giving him much-needed support. So, who is Harry Joseph Letterman, what does he do for a living, where does he reside, and who is he dating? Keep reading to find out.

The Interesting Story Surrounding the Birth of David Letterman’s Son

Born on 3rd November 2003, Harry Joseph Letterman was born to Regina Lasko, an accomplished production manager who has worked with some of the biggest media production houses in the business, and David Letterman, one of the most successful talk show hosts of all time.

The Hilarious Story of Harry Joseph Letterman

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Thus, the young man is lucky to have both parents successful in their fields, but there is a very interesting story surrounding his birth which has been tagged “the hilarious birth story of Harry.”

Narrating the incident to Seth Meyers on his Late Night Show, David Letterman recounted the day when he and his wife, Regina Lasko, went to the hospital for the birth of their son. The couple arrived by 6 am but by 8 pm on the same day, their son was still not born. All this while, David Letterman recalled he was dying to eat something because he was famished.

Luckily for the talk show host, a doctor came around and asked if anyone was hungry. David said he quickly put his hand up and rushed to the nearest restaurant which was Chinese to get some food. Glad to be at the restaurant, David Letterman ordered $400 worth of Chinese food and rushed to one of the hospital’s break rooms to eat.

Unknown to David, his wife had gone into labor while he was away, luckily, the room he chose was directly opposite the labor room so David could see his wife as she gave birth to Harry Joseph Letterman.

According to the celebrated talk show host, he could hear his wife scream from the labor room but he didn’t mind as he was busy satisfying his hunger. Thus, while his wife was going through intense pains, he was digging in his Chinese food and his wife has never forgiven him to date.

Eventually, baby Harry was born around 11:53 pm and the couple finally heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of the bundle of joy.

How Old is Harry Letterman?

David Letterman is 18 years going on 19 in November this year and as such still lives with his parents in their mansion in Indianapolis, Indiana. The young lad was named after his paternal grandfather who worked as a florist, however, the old man passed away from a cardiac arrest in 1973.

Where Does Harry Joseph Letterman Reside?

Harry, who is in his late teens, still lives with his parents in North Salem, New York where the family owns a mansion situated on a 108-acre land. The property was purchased for $5 million by Harry’s father in 1994.

How Harry Joseph Letterman’s Parents Met

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The couple met in 1986 while David Letterman was still living with his then-girlfriend Merrill Markoe who was the head writer and producer of Late Night. Markoe had written and produced some of the most memorable episodes on the Late Night With David Letterman show including “Stupid Pet/Human Tricks”.

Time magazine described Markoe as the “writer who put surrealism in David Letterman’s comedy”. However, the couple was not meant to be and they broke up in 1987, around the same time, David Letterman was seeing Regina Lasko and the two quickly became an item.

David and Regina started dating around 1988, but it took almost 23 years for David Letterman to pop the question to which Regina Lasko answered ‘yes’. The couple got married in a courthouse civil ceremony in Choteau, Montana when Harry Joseph Letterman was six.

Interestingly, David almost did not make his wedding. According to the veteran comedian, on his way to the wedding, his car got stuck in the mud a few miles from the venue of the ceremony. Fortunately for David, they were able to get the car out of the mud and get to the wedding venue in time for the ceremony.

However, this wasn’t David Letterman’s first rodeo with marriage. In 1968, he got married to his long-time sweetheart, Michelle Cook, but the marriage hit the rocks in 1977 with David going on to date Merrill Markoe.

The Day Someone Nearly Kidnapped David Letterman’s Son

Harry Joseph Letterman almost had his life cut short or traumatized when he was almost kidnapped as a 2-year-old. According to the police, the kidnappers had planned to demand $5 million as ransom had they succeeded, but luck eluded them. One Kelly Allen Frank, who worked as a painter on David Letterman’s estate, was arrested and charged with the intention to kidnap the young Harry Joseph Letterman.

Investigations revealed that Kelly had planned with one of the nannies to abduct the boy and have the nanny care for him. He had also colluded with an acquaintance to help in the kidnap of the 2-year-old Harry, but the acquaintance didn’t like the idea, thus he reported Kelly to the police and he was subsequently arrested.

The painter was said to have the keys to the house so kidnapping the boy would have been easier for him. The police revealed that the then 43-year-old Kelly was planning to enter the house during the odd hours of the night and abduct the sleeping toddler.

Kelly Allen Frank was arraigned before a court in Pondera County and was sentenced to 10 years in jail and a $600,000 bond. However, the criminal escaped after almost a year in prison and was recaptured by the feds after a successful manhunt. Kelly served the remainder of this jail term and was released on parole in 2014.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t stay out of trouble and broke the terms of his parole resulting in another stint in prison.

Does Harry Joseph Letterman Want to be Like His Father?

Having the genes of arguably the best comedian and TV host of all time, it is only proper that Harry takes after his father and it seems that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. In an interview with Howard Stern, the veteran TV host said, “He’s (Harry) just a goofball and I love it. He’s very entertaining.”

Speaking with Ellen DeGeneres on her show, David Letterman recalled an instance where he asked whether his son Harry had eaten breakfast. According to him, the boy responded, “I’m not sure” and that cracked him (David) up.

David also recounted when he asked the youngster whether it was his beard that prevented him (Harry) from going out with him (David) to which the boy responded, “No, it’s your behavior”.

According to David Letterman, another incident that amused him was when they went to see Moai at Easter Island. While they were watching the statues, a drunken guy appeared from nowhere, startling the young boy who ran straight to his hotel room.

A month later, Harry’s teacher called David to check out something with him. The teacher narrated that young Harry had written a theme for the school and his experience with the drunken guy was all that he had penned. David then surmised that Harry found the drunken guy more impressive than the Maoi.

Social Media Presence

Harry Joseph Letterman likes to keep a private life, therefore, he doesn’t appear to have a social media presence – a trait which is very uncommon with people of his age. Interestingly, his dad has a lively social media presence with over 365,000 followers on Instagram alone.

It appears Harry wants to focus on his education and would only take to social media when he’s done and probably follow in his dad’s footsteps.

However, he has made one television appearance on his dad’s TV show, Late Night With David Letterman.

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