Kim Kardashian defeats Hillary Clinton in a Law Quiz

Kim Kardashian beat Hilary Clinton in the knowledge of the laws, despite the fact that Hilary has many years of experience in legal activity.

41-year-old Kim and 74-year-old Hillary held a quiz on the set of the “Gutsy” documentary series. The series, which will be released in September on Apple TV+ feature Hillary and Chelsea Clinton.

Quiz participants needed to quickly answer legal issues, and Kim defeated Clinton with a score of 11 to 4!

According to Hillary, Kim had an advantage, because she currently masters the profession of a lawyer and has fresh knowledge. Hillary studied at the law faculty of Yale many years ago.

Also, Kim’s father, Robert Kardashian, was a famous lawyer. The billionaire became interested in jurisprudence several years ago when she participated in the campaign to support unfairly convicted women. As part of this activity, Kim visited the White House and met with Donald Trump to discuss prison reform.

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Now Kim Kardashian is studying the law together with practicing lawyers and has already passed an internship in a law company in San Francisco.

After the filming, Hillary and Chelsea said they were very impressed with Kim’s persistence she comprehends the profession, and they also noted the fast reaction of the reality show star.

Source: People

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