In the series about the legendary Harry Potter, the main characters will be played by transgender and non-binary actors

Harry Potter fans are looking forward to continuing the story of the legendary wizard, and as it became known, in the summer of 2022, the shooting of a new series featuring iconic characters from JK Rowling’s books will start in the United States.

The main roles in this project may be played by transgender and non-binary actors.

‘We aim to reflect the diversity of the fanbase in its beloved characters, introducing people of colour, queer storylines, and characters of differing faiths’, said the project author Megan Mckelli.

Harry Potter's parents

For example, only the actor who is ‘Asian, black, African descent, ethnically ambiguous, multiracial, Indigenous peoples, Latino, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, South Asian, Indian, Southeast Asian or Pacific Islander‘ may play the father of Harry Potter.

The role of the wizard’s mother, Lily should play ‘gender-nonconforming, non-binary, trans female’.

However, the situation with the project is still not exactly known, as the essence of the project will still need to be correctly prefaced in order not to face a legal battle from writer Rowling, which is believed to have not given them permission to use their characters.

Although, if you remember that recently Rowling was in disgrace due to allegations of transphobia, the remière of such a project is quite possible.

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J. K. Rowling has not yet commented on this project, although earlier the writer was loyal to experiments with her characters.

Source: Daily Mail

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