Inspired by Egypt, Katy Perry presents her new collection of shoes

Katy Perry’s latest shoe collection is shrouded in legends of ancient Egypt.

Katy Perry Collections
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In August, the superstar presented new models of her brand Katy Perry Collections.

In this collection, there are rich gold and black colors, symbols, and hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt, but also brought a touch of contemporary and playfulness to some of the models.

@katyperry: “Legend says the Eye of Horus represents well-being, healing, and protection Who couldn’t use some protection from head to toe amirite?”

The collection is both glamorous and comfortable. Do not forget that in addition to outrageous outfits, Katy is also a fan of comfortable everyday clothes.

These shoes will definitely brighten your day!

It was not an easy task to create a line of footwear that was not only casual and comfortable but also effective and brighten up your day. And Katy did it!

Perry has combined a trendy, casual cut and made it trendy so you can feel like an Egyptian princess!

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