Is Jules From Euphoria Trans in Real life? Find Out the Truth!

Jules Vaughn is a trans character in the TV series, Euphoria, whose story is gripping and relatable, drawing affection from fans and critics alike. The actress who plays her has interpreted and executed the role to perfection leading fans to ask the million-dollar question, “Is Jules from Euphoria trans or is she just great at acting?”

Well, the answer may surprise you. 

Who is Hunter Schafer?

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Jules Vaughn, whose real name is Hunter Schafer, was born a male in 1998 but gradually transitioned into a woman after she suffered from dysphoria. 

Born to a Presbyterian minister Mac Schafer and his wife Kay Schafer, Schafer grew up along with three siblings – she being the eldest.

During her time in high school, she fought against the North Carolina Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, commonly referred to as HB 2. The act, which was signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory, prevented any trans person who could not change their sex on their birth certificates from using the portion of the bathroom in line with their gender identity.

In 2016, the actress, still in high school was made a party to the Caracano vs McCrory lawsuit against the act. When she got to her senior year, Schafer competed in the US Presidential Scholars Program and went all the way to the semi-finals.

In 2017, the young activist completed the North Carolina School of the Arts with a diploma in High School Visual Arts. After high school, the then 19-year-old Schafer dreamt of attending the prestigious Central Saints Martin arts college in London but had to shelve it to pursue her acting career.

Hunter Schafer’s Activism

As a trans person, Schafer has chosen her preferred pronouns which are “she/they” and has never shied from openly discussing the topic. During a North Carolina public radio interview, Hunter Schafer declared her pride in being trans when she said, “I do like people to know that I’m not a cis girl because that’s not something that I am or feel like I am”. Before stating, “I’m proud to be a trans person.”

Hunter Schafer has also publicly discussed the “extremely difficult” journey of coming out as a trans person in high school. According to an article she wrote for i-D, the 23-year-old said, “As a transgender teenager who grew up in North Carolina, navigating bathrooms on my own was an extremely difficult journey, particularly at public school. In early high school (during a more primary stage in my transition), I felt safer using the women’s restroom and locker room.”

The actress said that Hollywood should cast more trans people to play transgender characters as cisgender people playing trans may not fully appreciate what trans people really feel. She said in an interview with New York Times, “Trans people deserve to see themselves represented on their own TV screens, not being inhabited by people who might not completely understand them.”

Who is Jules Vaughn?

Hunter Schafer plays one of the transgender characters, Jules Vaughn, a is free-spirited, adventurous, and inquisitive. She is the love interest of Rue Bennett, a lesbian character played by Zendaya, and the two become attracted to each other in the first season.

The first season revolves around the love triangle involving Jules, Rue, Nate, and “Tyler”, a character Nate created to trap Jules. Jules, in a bid to explore her sexuality, had affairs with older men, but none was satisfying.

Jules Vaughn is a kind-hearted soul who loves to help people solve their problems even though she had many of her own. This is exemplified in the sacrifices she makes to help Rue Bennett sober up while she struggled with her past and sexuality.

She meets Cal Jacobs, the father of Nate, via a gay dating app but he has no idea that she is underage. When he finds out that Jules was a minor, he makes a run for it and never returns.

Nate discovers what happened between his dad and Jules and decides to create the online character “Tyler” to trap Jules.

Jules’s gender identity is a source of conflict for her early on in the season but as the series progresses, she becomes more comfortable with it. Through all her struggles, the teenager is admired for her exquisite fashion sense and her beautiful drawings.

Hunter Schafer on Jules Transition

Hunter Schafer on Jules Transition

Jules’s gender identity became obvious at a young age and she began the transition process at age 13. Initially, her mother, Amy Vaughn, did not understand her daughter’s mental health struggles and sent her to a psychiatric ward when she was just 11 under the guise that there were going on a road trip.

According to the narrator, Jules came to town after her parent’s divorce and hoped that her dad had full custody – though dads rarely get that. She, however, develops a strong relationship with her dad.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter on Jules’s transition, Schafer stated, “It’s hard to acquire the resources at that age to move forward with that process and be able to recognize all of your needs, mentally, and physically.”

She then added, “I think her dad being supportive allows her to be where she’s at when we first meet her, so it’s pretty vital.” Though Jules’ relationship with her mother was strained she had a supportive father who held her hand every step of the way.

In an interview with Euphoria Unfiltered, the actress also spoke about the future of her character, Jules, in the series saying, “I think Jules is in constant search of affirmation and love.” 

The actress continued, “Jules being transfeminine and having this relationship to womanhood, seeing women in her life being treated a certain way by men, and a certain dynamic playing out in almost every interaction she’s witnessed…I think it goes back to something deep-rooted, like transitioning, wanted to be treated a certain way by a man in order to feel like a woman in this very binary vantage point.”

In the series, Schafer is a trans playing a transgender role and not a cisgender trying to act like one. And she thinks that that’s the way to go when she spoke to Variety, “There need to be more roles where transgender people aren’t just dealing with being trans; they’re being trans while dealing with other issues. We’re so much more complex than just one identity.”

How Rue Found Out Jules Was A Trans Woman?

At the beginning of the series, Rue Bennet thought that Jules was a cis girl who was lesbian but by the time the third episode comes around she discovers Jules’s gender identity. Initially, the couple had a fight because Jules was planning on hooking up with a guy he met online on one of the gay dating apps.

What Happened When Rue Found Out Jules Was A Trans Woman?

However, Rue Bennet expressed safety concerns but was reassured by Jules that she needed a private place where she and the man could get intimate. She then revealed her gender identity by clearly stating that she was trans.

Hunter Schafer’s Career

As an Activist

As an activist for trans people, Schafer made the list of Teen Vogue magazine’s 2017 “21 under 21” and she had the opportunity to meet former presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton. Also, in 2020, the LGBTQ+ magazine, Queerty, named Schafer as part of the 50 people leading the fight for the toward equality and acceptance for all people.

The year 2021 saw her being named among the prestigious list of 100 “emerging leaders who are shaping the future”. Her Euphoria co-star, Zendaya, wrote a tribute in honor of her Schafer’s work among transgender people.

As A Trans Model

As a trans model, Hunter Schafer has modeled for well-known brands such as Gucci, Prada, Dior, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, and Versus Versace.

Hunter Schafer in Hollywood

Later, Schafer landed a role in HBO’s Euphoria as a trans character who was in love with a non-binary lesbian. Her role as Jules Vaughn marked her acting debut and immediately threw her into the limelight. She received praise for how she interpreted and executed her role to perfection.

Many people were so in love with her that when she was skipped during the nominations for the Primetime Emy Awards, there was a lot of outrage. Her fans felt that the award scheme was intentionally sidelining Schafer and other transgender actors. The actress also co-wrote an episode in the series and served as co-executive producer.

Who is Hunter Schafer Currently Dating?

Though she’s the love interest of Rue Bennet in the HBO hit series Euphoria, Hunter Schafer is currently in a relationship with another Euphoria character, Elliot, real name Dominic Fike. The couple met on the set of the series in the second season of the show and immediately sparks began to fly.

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The couple were first spotted in January 2022 walking hand-in-hand after dining at a prestigious Los Angeles restaurant. It didn’t take long before Dominic confessed to being in love with Hunter Schafer in an interview with GQ. According to him, he agreed to play the role of Elliot in the second season so he could spend more time with his heartthrob.

He said that their mutual attraction had led to some of the intense romance scenes between them and has accelerated their relationship. “In those moments, your relationship is accelerated…”, said Dominic. “Which usually takes a long time. Some people fall in love, like, f***ing months after they meet, or years after. We developed an attraction – it sped it up so fast. We just really got to know each other so quickly.”

The pair are still going strong and are prepping for the third installment of Euphoria which was confirmed a few weeks ago.

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