Is Kim Kardashian Spending Time with Pete Davidson Again?

On Halloween, everyone was intrigued by a joint photo of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, taken in an amusement park in California.

In the photo, they were holding hands while riding a roller coaster. Internet users immediately began to discuss rumors about a possible beginning romance between Kim and Pete.

However, PEOPLE reported that they spent time on the rides with a big group of mutual friends.

Now there is a new reason for rumors. Several authoritative sources point out that Kim and Pete were spending time together again. It is now reported that they had dinner together at the Zero Bond in New York.

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Recall that previously nothing was known about their communication. For the first time, sources drew joint attention to them after the release of Saturday Night Live with the participation of Kim and Pete, where they played the roles of Disney’s Jasmine and Aladdin. In this episode, they discussed a spicy topic and even kissed.

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We will also remind you that the breakup of the couple Kim with her husband Kanye West became known in February this year. They have four children in common, however, as you know, the couple was able to agree on joint custody.

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