Is Will Smith divorced? Here’s what we know

After the infamous scandal at this year’s Oscars, fans and Hollywood at large is wondering: Is Will Smith divorced? Did he and Jada Pinkett Smith end their marriage?

The scandal

On March, the actor made headlines by slapping comedian Chris Rock while the latter one was on stage. Rock commented on Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair by calling her “G.I. Jane.” After a verbal threat, Will walked to stage and slapped Rock.  

The incident initiated a conversation about the state of the relationship between Will and Jada. A few days after, Will headed to Instagram to publicly apologize about his actions.

“I would like to publicly apologize to you, Chris. I was out of line and I was wrong. I am embarrassed and my actions were not indicative of the man I want to be,” he wrote,” wrote Will.

Jada also released a short statement, saying. She didn’t speak about the incident, but instead focused on the opportunity to become a better person.

“This is a season for healing and I’m here for it,” she commented.

The rumors

The altercation between Will and Chris caused rumors: Is Will Smith divorced? Is he getting divorced? The two have frequently shared about their marriage troubles, but not this time. Reportedly, they are not getting along after the slap.

“Ever since the Oscars scandal, the tension between them has been palpable,” a close source told Heat Magazine UK. “There have been problems for years, but they’re barely speaking right now.”

The source added that if divorce was truly on the cards, it would probably get messy, very quickly.

A messy divorce

“If they were to split, Will has a fortune of $350 million that Jada would be entitled to under California law,” the insider explained. “It could be one of the ugliest divorces in showbiz history and drag on longer than Angelina [Jolie] and Brad [Pitt’s] did,” the source commented.

In a past inteview, Jada revealed that she didn’t even want to marry Will. Apparently, the tables have turned. Now it’s Will who doesn’t want to be married to Jada.

The source said that “Will has made no secret of how uncomfortable he feels about Jada sharing every personal detail of their marriage. He had so much pressure on him from big studios to sell their movies, and you have to be squeaky clean. This is the last straw and could force him to finally end things.”

The ultimatum

According to The National Enquirer, Jada forced Will to seek professional help. Another close source revealed that allegedly, Jada drew a line: Either he gets help or they are done.

During the premiere of “Concussion,” Will made public that both of them have suffered and experienced excruciating moments. However, they are “not quitters.” It looks like things have changed, and Will is getting ready to “quit”.

Where is Will

Ever since the scandal, Will has not been seen in public. The movie star is laying low in an odd location. He was spotted in Mumbai a few weeks after the infamous slap. Will looked calm as he was greeted by fans.

Jada on the meantime is in Los Angeles. She continues to work on her show, Red Table Talk. No signs of a reunion in sight.

Will Smith’s ex wife

Sheree Zampino is part of the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She’s also the ex wife of Will Smith. She made a comment to US Weekly regarding the altercation between Will and Chriss, stating:

“It was a little surreal,” Zampino said. “I thought it was a skit at first, but once I realized it was real, my thinking was, ‘I’m not even going to deal with this because it’s his night.”

Zampino saw the slap on TV, while at a viewing party with Will Smith’s extended party.

“When he came over, we were supportive and loved on him. The whole situation was foreign to me because Will is always in control and gracious. You don’t really see him get upset that often,” she added.

The first marriage

 Will and Sheree got married in circa 1991. Their son, Trey, was born a year later, in November 1992. Their marriage didn’t last, but they remained focused on raising their child. Trey is now 29 years old.

Will and Jada’s story

Despite their late marital problems, Will and Jada were once an adored by many.

The two first met on the set of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, when Jada auditioned for a role on the show. However, Will missed the opportunity to connect with Jada. During that same period, Will noticed Sheree, who later became his wife.

The wedding

In 1997, Jada – dressed in a champagne-colored velvet gown –  walked down the isle to get married to Will – donning a dapper white tux.

It might seem sweet, but Jada was not happy.

“I was under so much pressure being a young actress and pregnant, and I didn’t know what to do,” she explained. She also mentioned that she was in her first trimester carrying Jaden, and she was not feeling well during the event. “I was so upset that I had to have a wedding. I was so pissed.”

The children


In July 8th, Jada gave birth to Jaden Christopher Syre Smith, who is now 24 years old.

Jaden followed in his father’s footsteps and became an actor. He showed off his skills in Pursuit of Happyness (2006), The Karate Kid (2010), and The Get Down (2016). He also dabbled in music and has released several albums.


In October 31st 2000, Willow Camille Reign Smith came into the world.

Willow, 22, made her acting debut in I Am Legend, alongside her father. She acted other films, but ultimately decided to focus on her music. Willow released her first single in 2009 and hasn’t stopped ever since. She has released four albums and has announced a fifth one.

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