It became known which series became the most violent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and broke the record for the most murders

Hawkeye has been named the most violent TV series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as reported by Screen Rant.

According to the information, Clint Barton broke the record for the number of murders in the frame, the authors of the article calculated that he killed more than 50 people.

At the same time, the counting of victims did not take into account shots to the limbs and the use of arrows, which could also lead to the death of the characters.


However, the interesting facts about Hawkeye do not end there.

Clint Barton, played by Jeremy Renner, is also Marvel’s most valuable hero.

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A study by the Film Franchise Showdown last year found Hawkeye to appear in six blockbusters to be the most valuable, according to the analysis of 23 studio films.

Films taken for research were sorted by the results of their payback and, of course, reviews from film critics, production budgets, and nominations and awards at festivals were also taken into account.
This gives a return on investment of 5.3 per film.

Source: Screen Rant

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