Jared Leto Shared the Juicy Details of His Personal Life on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Talked About His First Failed “Entrepreneurial” Experience

Leto’s fans have learned some facts about his personal life during the Burning Questions with Ellen DeGeneres.

Jared Leto shared the juicy details of his personal life on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
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Eternally young Jared Leto, in the course of a spicy quiz, had to answer the immodest questions, as an example, to name three things, besides washing in the shower, which he makes naked.

It was clear that Leto was somewhat embarrassed (or maybe pretended to be), but still listed 3 answers, with no clothes he sleeps makes love, and eats.

This quiz revealed another unexpected detail of his life. Leto admitted that in his house he keeps a mannequin of his severed head, with which he appeared at the Met Gala in 2019.

Jared Leto's costume
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Although the actor clarified that it is possible that this extravagant “accessory” could have been lost. Continuing the theme of severed heads, the actor casually mentioned that he has his own guillotine, but he will not go into details.

Leto also admitted that his childhood idols were Christopher Walken, Barbara Eden, and TV presenter Vanna White. Referring to his flashbacks, the actor shared the story of how he was fired from the cinema as a child for selling weed. “I was an entrepreneur,” he said in defense.

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