Jenni Rivera Boyfriend: Where Is El Pelón Ramírez Now?

It’s been a decade since the Banda music queen passed away and the fans can’t seem to forget her, especially, the bond that existed between her and Fernando Ramirez. Since 2019, little has been heard of Ramirez leading some websites to surmise that Jenni Rivera’s boyfriend was dead.

But is there any truth behind the rumor? Where is Fernando Ramirez now? Keep reading to find out.

Jenni Rivera’s Boyfriend Is Alive

We begin by quashing the rumor that Fernando Ramirez has passed. The former boyfriend of Jenni Rivera posted a message on his social media page thrashing the death rumors and extending love to his fans and supporters.

The message read, “Fernando ‘Fernie’ Ramírez expresses his sincere apologies to everyone for any conflicting information regarding his whereabouts and his music. He will soon be available for interviews to discuss a project that has a special place in his heart.”

Apparently, the singer took a break to mourn the death of the love of his life, Jenni Rivera, after she died in a horrible accident in 2012. The two shared a great bond though Jenni had been in three unsuccessful marriages before meeting El Pelón whom she described as her true love.

Where is Fernie Ramirez Now?

According to the message that was posted on Fernando Ramirez’s page, he is cooking some good music and will soon release an album. 

Fernie Ramirez
Fernie Ramirez

“An album is in the works. The first single is almost ready for release and is called (blank space). Recorded for some time, the most exciting news is that he is ready to share his passion for everyone to enjoy.”

A few months, the news made rounds that Fernie had signed a contract with a recording company, but he quashed those rumors in his social media post. He wrote, “He is grateful for all the support from previous partners, but must make it clear to the media that he is an independent artist and has never been under contract with any entertainment label, including Erre Entertainment. He is more than grateful for your understanding and patience over the years.”

So, fans should be expecting some sizzling music from El Pelón soon, and hopefully, it would be good, if not better than La Diva de la Banda.

Fernie And Jenni Rivera Had Dated for 10 Years

Fernie and Jenni endured an on-and-off relationship for 10 years, however, investigations revealed that they were not together while Jenni was married to any of her three ex-husbands. Other sources deny the 10-year relationship claiming that the two lovers dated between 2002 and 2007.

Fernie once said that Jenni was his soul mate and the couple shared great memories. Speaking in an interview with Billboard in 2019, the recording artist spoke of what the Diva de la Banda meant to him. “She was my soul mate. She was my best friend. That’s what it was and I miss her a lot.”

According to El Pelón, he viewed his relationship with Jenni as a very special bond because it was his first serious relationship. He opined, “It was my first serious relationship. It was about patience. It was tough at times…being with someone so well known.”

Who Is Fernando Ramirez?

He was Jenni Rivera’s boyfriend whom she dated on and off for years but never settled with. Fernie’s love for Rivera can best be described as everlasting as he still feels that today. His relationship with Jenni was kept a secret and was only known by his inner circles.

Fernando didn’t want the added pressure that came with exposing his love life to the scrutiny of the media and the general public. He preferred to keep a low profile while helping Jenni Rivera with her music career.

Over the years, Fernando took on a variety of jobs but always knew that his destiny was to do music. In the interview with Billboard, Fernie explained that his late girlfriend the inspiration for his music career.

When Fernando Ramirez Began Singing

Nicknamed El Pelón due to his baldness, he said that he began singing years ago when he spent some time in juvenile detention. He explained that he learned the music business from his late girlfriend and radio personality Pepe Garza.

Fernando Ramirez
Fernando Ramirez

What Does Fernando Ramirez Do?

Jenni’s boyfriend Fernando is a musician who has released a couple of tracks to his credit with his latest song, “When I Dream About You” released in 2020. He is also into Banda music just like his girlfriend Jenni.

In 2019, the recording artist released his first commercial track, “No Digan Nada De Mi” which was well received by the fans and critics of Regional Mexican music. Fernie has always wondered how fans of his girlfriend, Jenni, would receive his music, but, so far, things seem to be going smoothly for the musician.

On why he ventured into banda music, the singer revealed, “We grew up in LA listening to Banda music, and no one is bringing it out in a new way, but still have traditional elements. I am going to do it. I hope they like my music.”

He continued, “My music will have a Chicano twist”. Fernando confessed that he was heavily influenced by Banda music at a tender age and he didn’t see himself performing another genre of music.

How Fernie Met Jenni Rivera

While in Juvenile detention, Fernie sang to his cellmates in exchange for food and favors. After detention, he worked at a radio station in Los Angeles, KBUE (Que Buena) where he was mentored by Pepe Garza in the music business. That was where he first came into contact with Jenni Rivera.

When they started dating, Jenni was 10 years the senior of Fernando Ramirez, who was 23 years at the time.

Jenni Rivera’s Rocky Love Life And Children

Jenni was first married to José Trinidad Marín who impregnated her while she was in high school. The couple gave birth to a daughter named Chiquis Rivera in 1985 and later had two more children Jacqueline (1989) and Michael (1991).

However, Jose and Jenni broke up in 1992 after Jenni claimed her husband was physically and emotionally molesting and abusing her. Later, Jenni’s younger sister, Rosie, accused Jose of molesting and sexually abusing her and Jenni’s daughters, Chiquis and Jacqueline.

Investigations proved that Rosie’s allegations were true, thus a warrant was signed for the arrest of Jose Marin Trinidad in 1997. However, he escaped and spent 9 years as a fugitive before he was arrested and sent to jail without parole.

Later, she married her second husband, Juan Lopez, in 1997 and they gave birth to a daughter Jenicka in 1997 and Juan Angel in 2001 before annulling their marriage two years later. Jenni Rivera’s love life was rocky but it appeared to be more stable with Fernie Ramirez. She also had her brother, Juan Rivera, as her support system whenever things were going downhill for the Mexican American singer.

Jenni Rivera married a third husband, Esteban Loaiza, who played in Major League Baseball. As with the first two marriages, the third marriage hit the rocks barely two years later and a few months before the Spanish singer died in a plane crash. Her life is chronicled in Mariposa De Barrio, a Spanish TV series based on her autobiography.

Another book, Jenni Vive: Unforgettable Baby! features letters written by the Banda musical genius and never-before-seen pictures including journals from Jenni’s diaries that have not been published. All of these give an insight into the life of the brave Regional Mexican Music star who suffered a tragic death.

Jenni Rivera’s Entry Into the Music Scene

Jenni Rivera’s first foray into music began about 20 years ago when she composed a Father’s Day song for her dad, Pedro Rivera, in Long Beach, California. Impressed by her actions and recognizing her precocious talents, her father helped her to record more songs and before long, she was signed to the Latin division of Capitol/EMI.

However, she was faced with a lot of backlash as the music genre ventured into called Regional Mexican music was dominated by men. However, her impact on the Banda music scene has seen various media houses including CNN and Fox News name her the most important female figure in the music genre.

However, her life was cut short at the age of 43 when she perished in a plane crash on her way from Mexico to the United States.

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