Jennifer Lopez filming Netflix thriller The Mother in Vancouver, Canada

Jennifer Lopez was seen filming the Netflix thriller The Mother in Vancouver, Canada. JLO who wrapped up filming on her romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding in the spring is now playing a deadly world assassin in the action-thriller directed by Niki Caro.

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JLo’s Nuyorican Productions is handling the production of the film as part of a new creative partnership with Netflix. The film which costars Gael Garcia Bernal and Joseph Fiennes tells the story of a deadly assassin forced to go on the run and give up her only daughter. Years later she is forced to return to protect her child from dangerous men.


The superstar was seen shooting for the first time on Monday afternoon. Lopez dressed in brown cargo pants, a sheepskin bomber, beanie, combat boots and aviators was seen filming an action scene in which she emerges out of a luggage transporter at an airport, holding a duffel and back pack and gets into a waiting black SUV.


A little while ago Jennifer Lopez teased us about the new thriller with a photo teaser from producer Elaine Goldsmith Thomas’ Instagram account which she reposted.

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