Jessica Alba celebrates making millions from Honest IPO

The last few months have seen the end of several businesses around the world as they failed to cope with the pandemic. However, some have powered through, and this applies to Jessica Alba’s beauty company, Honest.

Hollywood and Wall Street!

Jessica Alba is one of the few celebrities who can proudly attach her name to Hollywood and Wall Street! She founded Honest in 2011 as a “clean and natural” beauty and baby product maker.

The actress was recently spotted making her way through Times Square to mark an important occasion for her brand. Alba embraced her C-suite role in her emerald green suit while announcing the public market debut of Honest. Many actresses have launched beauty brands, but very few have founded a publicly-traded company.

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The Honest Company

When asked about how Honest came to be, she traces her desire to start a business like Honest back to her childhood. Yes, Jessica Alba as a kid dreamt of it. With a childhood marked by poor health and parents doing multiple jobs, Jessica Alba as a kid always valued wellness. As an entrepreneur extraordinaire, she is giving her kids the clean and healthy lifestyle she always dreamed of.

Her family is not the only one who supports and encourages Alba’s success with Honest. Several magazines and beauty bloggers have commended the actress-cum-business owner on the eco-friendly quality of her products.

On several occasions, Alba admits that starting her business was not easy despite being an A-list actress. Nevertheless, she has shown that she can certainly walk the walk, staying true to her personality, that is, that of Jessica Alba as a kid.

Her reputation in the entertainment and beauty industry has catapulted ever since Honest acquired the unicorn startup status. This glamourous sounding status is given to every company that reaches a whopping $1 billion valuation in less than five years!

Jessica Alba as a Kid

Alba was seen grinning ear to ear as Honest Company closed stock after raising $412.8 million in its IPO. In these tough times, she considers this to be a big win for her company and women all around. Jessica Alba as a kid and now a strong woman of colour remains vocal about building a world that is transparent and inclusive.

With her brand gaining more and more positive attention, Jessica Alba actively looking to do her part for women’s empowerment.

Want to know more? Then check out my latest Youtube video to watch Jessica Alba head off in style, making her mark in Wall Street with Honest and more on Jessica Alba as a kid.

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