Johnny Depp Teeth: Why Captain Jack Sparrow Teeth Appear Bad

Johnny Depp’s teeth have been a topic of discussion throughout his career in Hollywood. It baffles many that the muscular and good-looking hunk should have teeth that appear awkward. Well, the answer is not as straightforward as you might expect because there are several reasons why the actor’s teeth appear bad. Fortunately, we have all the scoop, so keep on reading.

Johnny Depp’s Smoking Habit

Some fans have pinned the actor’s bad teeth on his smoking habit. Johnny has admitted to being a heavy smoker and once joked in an interview that he smoked 1,000 cigarettes a day and was “working his way up to 10,000 (in a day)”. According to Johnny Depp, he took to smoking at the tender age of 12 and has found it difficult to cut the habit.

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Thus, if what Johnny confessed is anything to go by, then the actor has been smoking for well over 30 years. It is no secret the effects that smoking has on the teeth. Apart from severe gum diseases and discoloration of the teeth, smoking can disfigure teeth and cause them to fall out.

Problems with Alcohol

Just like smoking, the actor is a well-known, self-confessed heavy drinker who took to alcoholism to drown his anxieties. According to the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, he used to “poison” himself with alcohol.

Johnny Depp on the Vanity Fair cover

He told Vanity Fair in 1997, “Well, I was poisoning myself beyond belief. I’d eat that glass, man. There was a lot of liquor. A lot of liquor. I was pretty unhealthy.”

The dire effects of alcohol on teeth are well-documented. Studies reveal that alcohol causes dry mouth which can lead to tooth decay and gum diseases. So, one definitive explanation could be his excessive use of alcohol which his ex-wife, Amber Heard, mentioned repeatedly during their recent defamation trial.

Depp’s History with Drugs

Alcoholism and smoking appear to tango perfectly with drugs. During the court trial, the actor admitted to using drugs for self-medication and not for recreational purposes. According to the 59-year-old, he had a difficult childhood and occasional emotional problems so he resorted to drugs to “numb” the pain.

Testifying during the trial, Depp said, “I am not some maniac who needs to be high or loaded all the time… The characterization of my ‘substance abuse’…is grossly embellished and a lot of it is just plain false”. However, the Pirates star claimed that he never used coke during an interview in 2014. He explained his hatred for the hard drug and called it a waste of time.

According to dental experts, some drugs can cause myriad dental issues including tooth damage and tooth loss. Just like alcohol, some drugs can cause dry mouth which is a perfect breeding ground for tooth decay.

Playing Captain Jack Sparrow

Another factor could be the silver dental veneers he wore for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise (other outlets say it’s gold veneers). Though we enjoyed the enigmatic character Depp played, it came at a cost to him as he needed cosmetic surgery to remove the veneers.

Captain Jack Sparrow's Teeth
Captain Jack Sparrow’s Teeth

Speaking in an interview, Depp complained that the veneer won’t come off no matter how hard he brushes. So, that could be another reason why the actor’s teeth appear awkward and discolored.

The YouTuber Lorry Hill examined Depp’s teeth and concluded that Depp has not done teeth whitening but he has had gold fitted perfectly over his gum line to give him gold teeth.

Age or Genetics?

Some have blamed Johnny’s deteriorating teeth on aging and genetics. Johnny is almost 60, so, his teeth are not expected to be shining white and sparkling. Aging affects every part of our body and the teeth are no exception, thus Johnny Depp’s teeth could be feeling the effects of age.
Also, some people are naturally blessed with white teeth while others may not be that lucky.

Willy Wonka’s Teeth

It all boils down to the genes one inherited from their predecessors. So, maybe, Johnny Depp belongs to the latter group.

What Most People Think About Johnny Depp’s Teeth

However, most people think that it is nobody’s business how the actor’s teeth look. All they care about is the way he portrays the characters on the silver screen. Experts say the teeth are not exactly white but have slight discoloration. According to them, the enamel (outer covering of the teeth) is white, but the dentin layer after the enamel is slightly yellowish.

This yellowish color is easily seen by everyone making the teeth appear discolored. Thus, the same applies in the case of Johnny Depp’s teeth. 

Many people have had their teeth whitened for many reasons including the need to have perfect teeth.

Others feel that they need to project a positive self-image and they believe that having healthy-looking teeth will help them in that regard.

What Does Johnny Depp Think About His Teeth?

Seems Johnny’s teeth are only a “problem” for the fans, the actor appears unconcerned. First, he’s one of the hottest movie stars on the planet which means that he has more important things to worry about than the appearance of his teeth. 

The star appears to not be affected by the negative opinion surrounding his teeth as he once quipped in an interview that he wouldn’t get cosmetic surgery to get them fixed.

So, we might just have to get used to Johnny’s teeth.

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