Julian Murray Stern: What You Didn’t Know About Lisa Kudrow’s Son

Julian Murray Stern may not be as famous as his mother, Lisa Kudrow, but he has become a person of interest since he was Lisa gave birth to him during Season 4 of the hit sitcom, Friends.

At the time, the producers of the show wrote her pregnancy into the script and her character, Phoebe Buffay, gave birth to triplets as a surrogate mother. Of course, Julian Murray Stern was not shown on screen as the triplets were played by the Cimoch quadruplets.

Since then, not much has been heard of Julian Murray Stern, with many wondering what the young man is up to now. Fortunately, we have all the gist for you, keep reading.

How Old Is Julian Murray Stern?

Born in May 1998, Julian is 24 years old and a native of Los Angeles. Though he did not appear onscreen during the shooting of Friends, Julian was on the set all the time. Her mother even posted an adorable picture of the two together and fans couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance between her and her son.

Julian Murray Stern and Lisa Kudrow

Julian’s parents got married somewhere in 1995. Though his father, Michael Stern, is a successful businessman, Julian didn’t take after him as he followed his mother’s footprints. Lisa Kudrow, who won the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 1996, is proud of her son’s choice and would have supported him if he chose a different career path.

The 58-year-old Kudrow has been nominated on 12 occasions for the Primetime Emmy award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

Stern is the Only Child of Lisa Kudrow and Michael Stern

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Julian Murray Stern is the only child of his parents and he appears to be happy with that status. His mother remarked a few years ago, that her son made it clear that he didn’t fancy other siblings. Thus, they refused to have any other child to fulfill the request of Julian since he was the one they loved the most.

He Has A Degree in Cinematic Arts

In 2021, Julian Murray graduated from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. A cursory look at his accounts on Vimeo and Instagram shows that he wrote and directed several short films while on campus and this is not surprising given that her mother, Lisa Kudrow, is an accomplished actress, writer, and producer – the apple sure does not fall far from the tree.

Julian Murray Is A Director

Julian Murray Stern
Julian Murray Stern

Julian has put his degree to good use as he has directed a short film titled Mind Made Up which was produced by Rita Konopasky and cinematographed by Drew Black. The 6-minute film uploaded on the video tells the story of two brain cells who must unite despite their differences to help their human have a swell time at a college party.

However, there’s one hurdle to surmount; their human has a low tolerance for alcohol, and to make matters worse, one of the brain cells is an alcoholic.

Julian Is Not A Fan of His Mother’s Sitcom

Julian Murray Stern Is Not A Fan of His Mother's Sitcom

Though Julian may have followed his mom several times to work and probably fraternized with the FRIENDS cast and crew, he is not a fan of the hit sitcom. Maybe sitcoms are not his thing as FRIENDS is one of the best out there. When asked what his favorite TV show was, the 24-year-old chose Game of Thrones which is not surprising given the critical and commercial success the series has chalked.

However, Lisa Kudrow once said that her son loved Jennifer Aniston and used to spend a lot of time with her when they were on the set of the sitcom. Lisa also revealed on an episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers that her only child recently watched a few episodes of FRIENDS when he was knocked down by COVID.

According to Lisa, her son watching those few episodes of the sitcom was the “most thrilling thing” that happened to her.

Who Is Julian’s Friend in Hollywood?

Once again, the young director skipped all the cast and crew of FRIENDS to choose Brooklyn Beckham, the son of England soccer legend, David Beckham. Brooklyn is a model, chef, and photographer who has graced the covers of international magazines such as Vogue China, Miss Vogue, and Dazed Korea.

What Are the Hobbies of Julian?

He loves to play soccer and takes some time off to watch soccer games on his free weekend. He is also an avid traveler who loves to visit different countries to experience their culture and tradition. He also enjoys riding scooters and skateboarding with his friend, Brooklyn Beckham, and his siblings.

The 30-second Bar Mitzvah

According to several sources, Stern had a 30-second bar mitzvah without his parents’ knowledge and only told them after he’d gotten home. The story is told that while the young Julian had gone to the mall to get some items, some members of the Chabad organization asked him if he was Jewish.

The young lad answered “Yes”, he was Jewish from his mother’s line. Thus, the men said, “Great, come here, we’ll give you a bar mitzvah in 30 seconds”. Julian got his bar mitzvah and rushed home to inform his mommy who expressed surprise.

Lisa Kudrow Sacrificed A lot to Bring Him Up

Julian’s mom took the difficult but worthwhile decision to cut down on work so she could bring him up herself. This included shunning some acting roles which would have proved her versatility and put some money in her pocket. Needless, to say, FRIENDS was paying her all that she needed to bring up her son.

She also dreaded having to shuttle her son between New York and London as that would have taken a toll on both her and her son.

Julian Murray Likes To Keep A Low Profile

It is no secret that Lisa Kudrow’s son likes to keep a low profile and that is probably why you’ve heard so little about him. But he is active on social media with over 43,000 followers on Instagram. His Instagram account is @juls_magewls

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