Justin Bieber performs to live audience after 4 years

Justin Bieber’s performance was incredible and so energetic out like a force and didn’t slow down. At one point he was so into the performance her forgot the lyrics to ‘Where are ü now’ by Diplo and Skrillex. He does a great job carrying on with the song after acknowledging that he forgot the words. It’s his first show back in years – it happens!

After the song, Justin Bieber takes a seat and says he has to get his stamina back. That it has been over two years since performing with an audience and then corrected himself- 4 years! He is so grateful and happy to be back with his fans and performing. He even jokes that he is going to try to remember all the words. ‘There are a lot of songs so if I forget them singe them back so maybe I can try to remember them.’ Bieber was all about his fans having a great time!

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