Justin Bieber playing a league game of soccer with his Churchome team in Los Angeles

Justin Bieber shows off his skills playing soccer in Los Angeles, CA.

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Photo: Backgrid
Photo: Backgrid

Justin and Hailey Bieber recently spent time on vacation together but they did not reveal their destination.

In April Justin revealed in an interview

” The first year of marriage was really tough because there was a lot going back to the trauma. There was just a lack of trust. There were all these things that you don’t want to admit to the person that you’re with because it’s scary. You don’t want to scare them off by saying, “I’m scared.”‘

But the couple seemed to be enjoying their time together away from the daily grind.

Justin Posted on his Instagram a photo of him and Hailey together and captioned the post: Road trip photo dump.

Hailey also posted captioned: the last 10 days in a photo dump

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