Kanye West and His Girlfriend Julia Fox head to Paris for Fashion Week

Kanye West continues to attend fashion events with his new girlfriend Julia Fox, and this time the couple went to Paris together to attend Fashion Week there.

On the show of the new Kenzo collection on January 23, the star couple arrived in matching denim outfits. Julia was wearing dramatic makeup and a cropped jacket with a tapered bust, perhaps a nod to the iconic image of Madonna, with whom she recently had a fun time at the party.

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Kanye (Ye) was also wearing a denim suit and branded rubber boots, which are invariably featured in all his latest photos.

There are rumors on the Internet that Julia is often accused of using West for the sake of PR, but the actress denies this. The other day, on a podcast with Niki Takesh, she stated that she does not need the attention that she is now receiving. According to Fox, she wanted fame in the past, but now her priorities have changed.

The first day began with the Schiaparelli show and Julia was dressed in a shiny leather jacket dress with cones on the chest, while West turned to his favorite accessory of late – a one-piece balaclava mask.

@juliafox Instagram
@juliafox Instagram

On a date with Julia Fox, Kanye was first spotted shortly after it was revealed that he was officially divorcing Kim Kardashian. Kim, in turn, enjoys a relationship with comedian Pete Davidson.

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Kanye reacts negatively to the new romance of his almost ex-wife and even recently released a song in which he threatened Davidson with physical violence.

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