Katy Perry Introduced Mr. Poo and Walked Into a Huge Orange Toilet at Her Las Vegas Concert

Katy Perry surprised the audience in Las Vegas with her costumes and decorations.

On the Resorts World stage, the star also appeared in suits made of cans and even at some point unfolded the key ring on the tin that adorned her right breast and poured a foamy drink into a glass, which she drank right on the stage, after which Internet users started joking about Katy’s beer lactation.

Katy Perry surprised the audience in Las Vegas
@katyperry Instagram

Although this act was not the only shocking one for the fans of the star.

Another highlight of the concert was the plot in the “bathroom” in which the singer joked and introduced the audience to Mr. Poo, who was perkily hanging out in a huge toilet on the stage.

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Then Katy Perry climbed the rolls of toilet paper half her height to enter the huge orange toilet. After that, the artist sang inside the plumbing element.

Katy Perry surprised the audience in Las Vegas
@katyperry Instagram

Also, one of the plots of the concert was an allusion to LGBT people with the active use of rainbow themes.

The source reports that the singer, as part of her tour, which will end in March 2022, plans to attend 32 concerts with a new program and, in this regard, become richer by at least $ 168 million.

Source: Daily Mail

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