Keanu Reeves donated 70% of the royalties from The Matrix to the fund of leukemia research, as his sister has been fighting this disease for many years

The first film of the “Matrix” franchise was released in 1999, but only now it has become known that Keanu Reeves donated 70% of his royalties for filming to researches.

For the main role in the first part of the franchise, the actor earned a total of about $ 35 million (including box office).

The Matrix

When The Matrix premiered, Reeves’ younger sister Kim had been struggling with leukemia for several years. And at that time, Keanu was the sister’s conservator and helped her during rehabilitation, when her illness entered the stage of remission.

Reeves donated money from the royalties to the leukemia research fund, and a few years later he founded his own charity to help people with cancer.

Keanu is generally known for his active participation in charity events. For example, in the summer of 2020, the actor put up for auction a 15-minute meeting with him in Zoom to help raise money for a fund that supports children with cancer.

Reeves’ co-stars on set also confirm that he is a generous person.
In the fall, while filming in John Wick, Keanu presented 4 stuntmen with watches, and not just some watches, but a Rolex worth few thousand dollars.

Keanu Reeves presented 4 stuntmen with watches
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Also, for those who have not yet seen the new part of the franchise and did not have time to form their own opinion about the film, we can inform that Keanu said that he sees in “The Matrix: Resurrection” a number of important topics, the main of which is love.

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Source: Daily Mail

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