Kelly Osbourne celebrates her 37th birthday and is “Filled with so much gratitude” after 5 months of sobriety

On October 27, Kelly Osbourne celebrates two important events!

On Wednesday, October 27, the birthday girl shared that on that day she is celebrating 37 years old. She has also reached 5 months of sobriety!

In honor of her birthday, she takes a selfie with a cake decorated with strawberries.

@kellyosbourne Instagram

And in honor of 5 months of sobriety, Kelly Osbourne shared a screenshot of the “Twelve Steps” app. Confirming her sobriety achievement.

@kellyosbourne Instagram

Over the years, Osbourne has spoken openly about her successes and failures with alcohol and drug use. As well as her journey to recovery.

In the spring, she had a brief relapse after nearly four years of sobriety. But in the June issue of Red Table Talk. Osborne revealed that during the pandemic, she gradually returned to her problematic behavior.

“I’m not proud of it, but I’m on the right track again,” Kelly shared then.

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