Kendall Jenner’s Boyfriend Provoked Rumors About Their Engagement, and Followers Even Suggested the Pregnancy of the Star

Last weekend, Kendall Jenner shared a photo with Devin Booker, captioning her Instagram post “my weekend”.

The couple went out of town to spend time alone and take a break from the hustle and bustle.

And then there was a reason for rumors about a possible engagement of the couple!

@kendalljenner Instagram

Do you see? In one of the photos, attentive followers saw one interesting detail, Devin’s finger was decorated with a gold ring!

This was the reason for rumors about a possible engagement or even a secret wedding of the couple!

Anyone else notice the ring on his hand ??????

He’s wearing a wedding ring?

And some followers in their comments even suggested that Kendall is pregnant.

“Congratulations on your pregnancy”

However, in the discussion threads, the truth became clear, moreover, by the subscribers themselves.

“It’s a mirror image. So it’s on his right”

“It’s his right hand actually, if you actually look at his photos it’s an his right hand, people overthink others and just jump to conclusions without even looking at the bigger picture”

Kendall and Devin have yet to comment on their situation.

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This summer, the model officially confirmed their romance in one of the episodes of the KUWTK show, although people began to see the couple together much earlier, back in 2020. According to an insider, they grow a friendly relationship for a long time before realizing that they were connected by something more.

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