Kim Kardashian Appears on Stage Wearing a Wedding Dress!

Kim Kardashian wore a wedding dress at Kanye Wests ‘Donda’ album listening party.

The iconic former couple continues to shock the world as Kim Kardashian appeared on stage at Kanye’s album listening party, with a wedding dress and veil, where she dramatically joined her soon-to-be former husband, Kanye, as he set fire to himself.

Kim walked on stage wearing a Balenciaga Couture dress, as she joined her estranged husband on stage at the Soldier Field in Chicago, for the final song of the show called “No Child Left Behind” causing pandemonium inside the stadium.

Despite the appearance of the couple on stage, according to TMZ, sources close to the couple say Kim and Kanye are not back together, adding that “however are forever family”. The source stated that “Kim and Kanye have always supported the other’s endeavors and will continue to do that in the future, whether it be a collaborative effort or not”. They added that “Kim was happy to do it for Kanye and the event, which was so important to him”

The reality star stole the show as she appeared alongside Kanye and paid tribute to their seven-year marriage, despite filing for divorce in February.

The listening party was for sure entertaining for all those who attended, during one part of the set Kanye was seen lighting himself on fire. The inferno began inside a replica of his childhood home and despite being in flames, the rapper walked calmly outside the house in protective gear.

What a show-stopping listening party.

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