Kim Kardashian’s hairstyle for the Met Gala 2021 cost $10k

A total black look of Kim Kardashian from the annual Met Gala 2021 was discussed by absolutely everyone!

Moreover, the photos with this fashionable outfit were taken apart into memes. Now it became known that the star spent a considerable amount on her enchanting outfit.

The cost of the hairstyle became known thanks to the star’s hair artist Chris Appleton, who answered questions from fans in his Instagram stories. According to him, Kim’s tail was 190 cm long, which is 30 cm longer than a woman’s height, and cost her 10 K dollars.

Kim Kardashian's hairstyle for the Met Gala 2021 cost $10k
@chrisappleton1 Instagram

But that’s not all the shock. Kardashian was wearing makeup under a black mask. How it did not wear off after that remains a mystery!

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