Liv Tyler and Sports Agent Dave Gardner Split After Seven Years

Actress Liv Tyler and sports agent Dave Gardner split after a seven year relationship.

Tyler and Gardner have two common children son Sailor and daughter Lula. After the birth of their second child, the couple got engaged, but the wedding never took place. According to Liv, she was never in a hurry to get married and she was quite satisfied with the status of a bride-to-be.

Liv Tyler with family
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It is noted that the break-in relations occurred back in March, but it became known only now.

Now the actress has returned to Los Angeles, while her ex-fiancé and friend David Beckham stayed in London.

According to the insider, the celebrity relationship ended due to the fact that the couple were “estranged” from each other, devoting more time to personal interests and their own affairs, even though they spent the entire quarantine together.

The daughter of the Aerosmith leader is reportedly now focusing on acting and producing, while Dave Gardner is working on David Beckham’s soccer project.

Liv Tyler and sports agent Dave Gardner split
@misslivalittle Instagram

The source added: “They officially parted ways back in March but they’ve kept it quiet so as to minimize the fuss, and ensure their kids were OK.”

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