Lizzo had one of the last interviews with Cheslie Kryst before Miss USA’s suicide

Miss USA 2019 winner Cheslie Kryst, 30, was found dead in New York City on January 30.

Her body was found outside the 60-story Orion Building where she lived. She was last seen alive on the 29th floor, where the communal terrace is located, while Kryst was reportedly living on the 9th floor.

Cheslie Kryst
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The NYPD said they were considering the case a suicide. Kryst left a suicide note in which she asked to transfer all her property to her mother, but no words about the motives for the suicide.

In 2019, Cheslie touched on mental health and admitted that she was visiting a psychotherapist. Shortly before her death, the winner of the beauty pageant also made her last post on Instagram:

@chesliekryst: “May this day bring you rest and peace”

Before participating in a beauty pageant, Kryst worked as a lawyer. Still, after her victory, she began working as a presenter on television and was even nominated twice for a Daily Emmy award in the entertainment category.

Cheslie said that her victory helped break the stereotypes about a typical beauty pageant winner.

Kryst’s colleagues speak very well of her and call her “the sweetest, kindest and smartest woman.”

Lizzo managed to talk to Miss USA before the tragedy, which was one of the last interviews with Cheslie.

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