Machine Gun Kelly brings little girl called Chevelle on stage to sing at his latest concert!

Machine Gun Kelly brings his youngest fan, who said she was called Chevelle, on stage with him to sing at his latest concert. MGK was performing at the St Louis Music Park in St Louis, MO, on Tuesday night (September 28).

Gossip Bae

Little Chevelle was holding a sign saying “MGK can I sing with you?” which he saw. After letting Chevelle sing he danced with her, let her wear his baseball cap then posed for a pic. After handing her back to her parent in the crowd, Machine Gun Kelly then asked the audience to throw a joint onstage – which he proceeded to smoke!

Machine Gun Kelly

MGK did not invite any other members of the audience onto the stage like he had earlier in the week in Louisville, KY, when he lashed out at a fan after being shoved. There was no sign of MGK’s girlfriend Megan Fox at the St Louis gig.

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Gossip Bae 29 Sep 2021

Thanks Daniel! Hope we see Chevelle headlining her own concert one day ;)

Daniel Byram 29 Sep 2021

What a cool night for her! Thanks Gossip Bae for covering this. You’ve created a news article and photos that will last her a lifetime!

Gossip Bae 29 Sep 2021

Thankyou so much Alexis for letting us know we will get the article updated :) looks like she had the best time!

Gossip Bae 29 Sep 2021

Meagan Thankyou for letting us know!

Alexis mills 29 Sep 2021

Hello, this is the little girls mom. We just wanted to let you guys know. Her name is chevelle.

Meagan 29 Sep 2021

Her name is actually Chevelle. She’s my cousin.

Shannon Gunckel 29 Sep 2021

I know this little girl and her name is CHEVELLE!!! And I'm pretty sure she had the best night of her life!