Madonna kicks off the MTV Video Music Awards in Raunchy Outfit

Madonna makes a surprise appearance in a raunchy leather outfit to kick off the MTV Video Music Awards. The Material Girl was first seen in a pre-recorded clip driving through the streets of New York in an iconic yellow taxi cab.


Her voiceover said: “Around 40 years ago, I came to New York City with nothing but $35 and dance shoes. I told the taxi driver to take me to the centre of it all and he dropped me off in Times Square. I was 19 and terrified but it was the first step and I knew that someday with a lot of hard work, I’d be known not just in New York City but the world.

Forty years ago another underdog arrived, hoping to create something revolutionary. An all-music channel premiered in the middle of the night and called itself MTV. We found each other and formed a bond that changed my life, changed music and created a whole new art form.” 

Madonna then walked out onto the stage to cheers. Dressed in a Burberry trenchcoat, she stepped up to the mike – before ripping off the coat to reveal a tiny, raunchy leather bodice that left very little to the imagination. She told the screaming crowd: “And they said we wouldn’t last. But we’re still here motherf******!” She then added: “Happy 40th MTV and welcome to the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards.” She then turned around and walked away, while flashing half of her butt to the audience.

After the VMAs Madonna owns the ‘Camp’ aesthetic as she rocks a white wedding veil with a sexy black lace bodysuit leaving a VMA’s after-party hosted at 1 Oak in New York.

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