Madonna’s son Rocco Ritchie became an artist and sells his paintings for tens of thousands of dollars under the pseudonym Rhed

The information appeared on the Internet that 21-year-old Rocco Richie, the son of Madonna and Guy Ritchie, became an artist and took the pseudonym Rhed.

According to Page Six, the young artist has already entered into a partnership with a gallery in London, and fans of his paintings can purchase his work on the Artsy website starting at £12,000.

Rocco Ritchie became an artist

On the Tanya Baxter Contemporary website, Rocco called “is a painter of the 21st century and speaks for the millennial generation”.

His works has been described as “Having an eclectic cultural background, with a childhood spent between New York and London, his paintings exuded an engaging mixture of innocence and confidence. He embraced an expressionist style and vibrant colors, coupled with the freedom and dynamic energy of New York graffiti art. “

It is also remembered that Rocco “As a teenager, he was fascinated by cinema, inspiring him to create storyboards, short films and fine art photographs. He has also always loved music and feels it is an integral element of his art. There is a strong rhythm in Rhed’s painting; the beat and pulse playfully control the canvas. “

He is currently studying at the University of the Arts London. His first exhibition at the gallery took place in July 2018.

Madonna's son Rocco Ritchie became an artist
tanya_baxter_contemporary / Instagram

Rocco expresses his opinion as “I feel that my painting style has changed a lot over the years through a mix of intense life drawing, growing up, and being constantly inspired by the world around me. My main subject recently has been discovering deeply the anatomy of the human body. Not so much the structure but as an object of beauty, how it moves, ages, changes … “

One of the last exhibitions of the young man, which took place this summer, was attended by his parents – Madonna and Guy Ritchie.

At the beginning of 2019, there was already information in the press that Rocco plans to professionally engage in art and conquer London galleries. Obviously, the son of the music icon took this hobby quite seriously. Previously, he tried himself in the modeling business, but it did not go beyond the “experiment”.

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